Caribbean Destinations

BeachDid I ever tell you where I went on my honeymoon? It was the only time that I’ve been to the Caribbean and boy were we excited for a new adventure! We flew into the city of Nassau in the Bahamas and drove a bit until we arrived in Paradise Island, to the great and fabulous resort Atlantis. Have you seen pictures? Or maybe watched a clip on a travel station? It is just as beautiful as it looks!

I’ve never seen water so blue or beaches so white. What did we want to do first? We had a whole week to enjoy and relax. When I wasn’t laying by the pool or swimming in the ocean, I was sliding down water tubes with sharks surrounding me. Not kidding! I went scuba diving for the first and last time of my life. ha! And walked the streets of Nassau while women wove braids in my hair.

Wow, I want to go back right now as the memories are flying out of me. Next time, I’d love to explore more of the Caribbean. Flights to Barbados are common and then work your way up the islands…on a yacht. How does that sound? Yes I’m dreaming, but I’m allowed to. This is my blog post. :)

Have you ever been to the Caribbean?


Reusing Your Egg Cartons {Plus #BringInnovation $1000 Gift Card Giveaway!}

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It’s that time of year to buy Easter eggs to decorate! What do you do with all of those extra cartons? I usually recycle them, but today have come up with some fun ideas on how to Reuse.

I mostly buy organic Eggland’s Best eggs which are the plastic kind of containers. They are terrific for reusing because they are sturdy and can be reused more than once!

Ways to Reuse Your Egg Cartons

I made three projects with my one container. After I cut them a part to separate I did the following with each tray…

Organize Crayons. Find those broken and yucky crayons. Little fingers can still color or melt them down and turn into new crayons.

Hold Paint. I find it is much easier and less messy if I pour the paint out of the container before the boys use it. These plastic containers let you do this again and again after you rinse out the paint.

Carry Supplies. The lid serves as a terrific tray. Store anything you need!

A few other ideas…

Use for starter seeds. We start our seeds indoors and I’m always scrambling to find little containers. No longer! Also great for herbs.

Sorting Activity. Use dry beans, pasta noodles, coffee beans and other small dried foods and let the kids sort into each compartment. Maybe small LEGOS too? See I’m thinking!

Crafts. The cardboard egg containers make great crafts. I’ve made a Pinterest Board to get you started. Have fun!

Store Small Items. Like batteries. You could put new ones in there to easily grab, or the batteries that are used up and are waiting to be recycled.

Recycled Batteries

Speaking of recycling…guess what these batteries above are?!

These are Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever and what makes them unique and so cool in my book is that they are the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries and materials!! You will find the in both AA and AAA size.

EcoAdvanced Batteries

They are called EcoAdvanced (love that name!) and they hold up in storage up to 12 years!

oh, and I bet you want to know where I found Energizer’s new battery. At Walmart in their Battery Center, which is right up front by the cash registers. Easy to run right in and grab when you find you are out. How often do you run in just for batteries? Our house does it toooo much!


I feel like we go through too many batteries at our house, so buying these Energizer EcoAdvanced makes me feel so much better. As you know I love to recycle and reuse as much as possible and this fits right in with our green philosophy.

Check out for more info on these new batteries!

Does your family concentrate on recycling and upcycling materials?

Energerizer Recycled Batteries

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Good Luck! :)

Three Great Ways To Make Mother’s Day Extra Special

*this is a guest post

As many people know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Since this is the case, it’s a good idea for you to get ready by figuring out how to make the day memorable for your mother. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks that can help you realize this objective, consider implementing some or all of the following strategies:

1. Choose A Charity Gift.

Although a big part of Mother’s Day is simply spending time with your mom, she would probably also love to get an absolutely amazing gift. Make the most out of this reality by purchasing some Unicef Mother’s Day gifts. This way, you can give back to a worthy cause while simultaneously finding your mother the best present on the planet. By visiting UNICEF Australia’s website today, you can find a wide range of gifts that your mother will absolutely love.

2. Ask Her What She Wants Beforehand.

Perhaps because children feel that they know their mothers very well, they oftentimes find themselves assuming they know what their moms would like for Mother’s Day. Don’t make this mistake. Even if you know your mother incredibly well, it’s still possible that her tastes have recently changed or she’s interested in some gift idea that you don’t know anything about. With this reality in mind, it’s a good idea to simply ask your mother if there are any gifts she’s particularly interested in. Also ask her about her preferences regarding how the day is celebrated, such as whether she wants to spend a night at home with the family or go out to eat at her favorite restaurant.

3. Purchase A Picture Frame.

One of the best ways to make Mother Day’s extra special is to create memories that your whole family can return to again and again. To make it happen, be sure that you purchase your mother a picture frame and take a plethora of family photos on her special day. She can then select the photo she likes the most and place it in the frame. Whether she places the picture frame on the wall or her office desk, looking at the photo will generate a plethora of pleasant, positive feelings about the wonderful Mother’s Day Celebration.


In recognizing that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, you may have started thinking about how you can make the celebration extra special for your mom. To make it happen, consider utilizing some or all of the festive tips and tricks discussed here. Good luck!

*thank you for this guest post. Mother’s Day is coming up!