Waterproof Jewelry to Wear to the Beach

It is that time of year. The beach! My favorite place on earth. I just got back from an incredible trip where I was able to fall asleep listening to the waves and waking up to view like this.

Every morning I would take a stroll in the sand right at the edge of the water. My eyes focused down as water splashes over my toes and I reached down to grab shiny shells that caught my eye. This particular morning I had on a bracelet that I had to take off because I wasn’t sure I should get it wet. It got me thinking. I bet there is some cute waterproof jewelry out there, even beachy themed, that would be perfect to wear while I was there.

I went on a hunt to find earrings, bracelets, and the perfect necklace. Let me share my most favorite pieces I found.

Examples of Waterproof Jewelry

This Maravilla necklace from Hey Harper is simple but had the summer vibe I was going for. It will look great casually with my shorts and a tee, but I can also dress it up with a sundress when I go to dinner. There is a matching bracelet and set of earrings if you’d like to go for the whole look.

Waterproof Jewelry

I had to find a piece with my favorite color and this was exactly what I was looking for. This tennis bracelet is from Salty Cali and made with turquoise stones and a water resistant build.

You could stack it with other bracelets or even use as an anklet.

Waterproof Jewelry

This was not the style of earrings I was going for when I set out to find some, but to my surprise these are the ones I kept being drawn back to. They are unique and fun! And you don’t need your ears pierced to wear them.

Ocean Wave Ear Cuff from Atolea makes the perfect beachy look! They are waterproof and sweatproof and will never fade no matter how many times you go into the water.

Waterproof Jewelry

Why is this waterproof jewelry?

These pieces are crafted from resilient stainless steel and fortified by a 10x stronger coating process named PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) to make the jewelry your lifetime companion. The pieces endure sweat, showers, and beach days without losing its color.

Do you have favorite waterproof jewelry pieces that you like to wear to the beach?

Waterproof Jewelry

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