Wildgrain Box Review – How Much is in Each Box?

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I think I found my favorite subscription box yet. Fresh bread, pastas, and desserts? Yes please! We received our first Wildgrain Box and I’m here to review it. I also want to tell you how much is in each box and how I used each product. Do you really get the 30+ servings out of it? Yes you do!

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Table of Contents
1. What is Wildgrain?
2. How Does the Wildgrain Box work?
3. Wildgrain Box Review
4. Wildgrain FAQs
5. How to Buy a Wildgrain Box: Plus Discount Code

What is Wildgrain?

Wildgrain is a company started by a family who was looking for clean ingredients when eating carbs. For example, when making sourdough bread out of high-quality ingredients and fermenting the dough it will have additional nutritious benefits. Ingredients like fiber-rich bran and vitamin-rich germs. They state that fermented bread:

-digests the majority of gluten in bread
-lactic acid it contains helps your body to absorb more nutrients
-contains prebiotics which keep your gut biome healthy

They partner with small bakers and pasta makers around the country to ship you a box of fresh, but frozen bread and pasta every month.

Side note: I have a friend who was gluten-free for health reasons until she discovered that if she was eating clean carbs it didn’t affect her.

How Does the Wildgrain Box work?

Every month (or whatever you decide) a box comes to your door. It will contain the makings of 30+ individual meals and will contain bread and pastries, with the option to replace some of your product with pasta.

It comes frozen. And you don’t have to thaw anything before cooking it.

Wildgrain Box Review

Plan your meals. Preheat your oven. Less than 25 minutes later you’ll have one of your delicious frozen foods turned hot and fresh.

You can make substitutions on items or buy add-ons each month. Plus, skip a box anytime you wish.

Wildgrain Box Review

Here is what my Wildgrain Box contained and how I used it.

Wildgrain Box

Walnut Sourdough

This yummy bread was the first thing we tried. It didn’t even make it to my freezer. I preheated the oven as it came out of the box. I was excited to try it! Hot and warm with butter.

For lunch, we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

4 servings.


I made spaghetti with meat sauce of course.

I think it may be the best noodle I’ve ever made and eaten at home. Perfect!

4 servings

Olive Oil Ciabatta

I used this two nights in a row as a side with dinner. The first night we ate lasagna and then had it again with our meatloaf.

It was just as good the second night. Crusty outside and soft center. It’s hard to believe these frozen to fresh breads come out so delightful.

8 servings

Wildgrain Olive Oil Ciabatta

Sourdough Loaf

I served on the night we cooked the tonnarelli and meat sauce. We love to dip bread in our sauce.

6 servings


My kids love fettuccine alfredo. I’m not a fan so I don’t make it as much as they would like. They were so happy I did with these noodles. They said it was my best yet! I told them it was the superb pasta.

4 servings

Raspberry Lemon Biscuits

Our dessert after a salmon dinner. I drizzled a little honey on top. Scrumptious!

6 servings


I surprised the boys with this easy breakfast. Spread some jam on top of these flaky croissants and it will hit the spot for a light meal.

4 servings

Right now get Free Croissants for Life in every box – Awesome!

Total Box = 36 servings (32 if you don’t count the free croissants) so that is exactly as advertised!

Wildgrain Box Review

Wildgrain FAQs

You may have a few more questions after my Wildgrain box review. Here are the answers.

How much does Wildgrain cost?

It’s $89 a box with free delivery. Yes, you can skip or cancel at any time.

Can you order individual items without the whole box?

No, at this time you cannot.

What type of flour does Wildgrain use?

All flours are unbleached and non-GMO. They use as much organic flour, seeds, and grains as possible but not 100%.

Are Wildgrain products vegan?

No, most are not.

Does Wildgrain have gluten-free options?

No, not at this time.

Wildgrain Box

How to Buy a Wildgrain Box: Plus Discount Code

Order a bread subscription box at Wildgrain.com. The promotion today is Free Croissants in every box for life.

From there you can choose your box type and the frequency of your delivery.

But wait! Take $10 OFF Your First Wildgrain Box with code crunchybeachmama

I can’t wait to get my next box!

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