5 Vitamins to Keep You Healthy This Fall


The temps are turning cold. The leaves are falling. This is the time of year that the sniffles start and your skin turns dry. I don’t know about you but I start being extra vigilant about what I put into my body. This includes eating the right foods, walking 10,000 steps a day, using the best skincare, and taking supplements to keep me at my optimal health. Today I want to highlight 5 vitamins to keep you healthy this fall and why to buy them from Superior Source Vitamins. I will go over the benefits of each vitamin and why you want to add them to your daily routine.

5 Vitamins to Keep You Healthy

Why Buy From Superior Source Vitamins

Superior Source Vitamins was started by Ron Beckenfeld when he realized there was a better way to make vitamins. He says, “When my father developed Parkinson’s, he already had a heart condition. I realized he had problems swallowing traditional large tablets, which inspired me to find a way to help my dad and others who had similar problems swallowing the vitamins they needed.”

Ron went the extra mile to make sure that his vitamins were also the best that nature could bring. “I was also concerned about all the additives and excessive amount of other ingredients found in conventional vitamin tablets, so decided to create a vitamin that was small and pure where potency isn’t lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.”

5 Vitamins to Keep You Healthy

Superior Source supplements are Pure & Clean & Simple to Use:

  • NO chemicals, GMOs, preservatives, excessive binders, dyes, fillers, or artificial colors.
  • Fast dissolving for quick absorption.
  • NO pills to swallow or water needed.
  • Tiny Microlingual® tablets–easy to take.
  • Trusted brand–Made in the USA for over 50 years!

Can find all Superior Source vitamins online at Amazon or Walmart.

5 Vitamins to Keep You Healthy This Fall

5 Vitamins to Keep You Healthy This Fall


Is essential for calcium absorption and what your body needs to maintain healthy bones. It helps to support a healthy immune system, brain, and nervous systems. It has also been found to help improve mood and overall mental well-being.


Plays an important role for your body’s energy production. Take it to give you that needed boost in the middle of the afternoon. People also take it to help improve memory and to prevent heart disease.


Boosting immunity is the most common reason to take vitamin C. It is also necessary for growth and development and to repair all body tissues especially when trying to heal any type of wound.


Another great immune boosting vitamin. It is also known for promoting healthy skin, hair and eyes. Plus helps with heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Beet Root + Apple Cider Vinegar

Together these make a powerful punch. Will boost your stamina and give you the pop of energy you need. Also will help with digestion and managing weight. Get the added nutrients found in fruits and veggies through this supplement.

5 Vitamins to Keep You Healthy

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