8 Preschool Books and Matching Food Ideas to Get Them in the Kitchen

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Every week I try to have a food day in the kitchen as part of our preschool homeschool. Usually this coincides with a story that we have read.

Here is a list of some very simple Preschool Books and Matching Food ideas. Most of them are easy and obvious, but fun all the same! 

8 Preschool Books & Matching Food Ideas

Preschool Books & Matching Food Ideas

1. Goodnight Moon

Cook oatmeal or cream of wheat on the stove to make mush.

2. The Fisherman and His Wife

Fish for dinner! Have your little one help prepare it. Even more awesome if you went fishing to catch the fish first.

3. Give a Mouse a Cookie

Make cookies of course! Don’t forget the milk.

Try our mostly Organic Thumbprint Cookies or Orange Honey Oatmeal Cookies or my fav Gluten Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cookies.

Give a Mouse a Cookie story & Bake Cookies

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eating fruits is very healthy! Pick your favorite fruits to eat as a snack. Don’t forget to put a little hole in it because the caterpillar had gotten to it first.

Preschool Story Food Idea - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Lunch

5. Blueberries for Sal

Endless ideas for blueberries. We made Blueberry Snickerdoodles because snickerdoodles are daddy’s favorite and we surprised him with this add in! Any blueberry recipe will do.

Blueberry Snickerdoodles

6. The Doughnuts for Homer Price

We went out of the house for this one. A little junky breakfast, but let me tell you that we had the best mother-son outing.

If you have a Krispy Kreme to visit that would be perfect since you can watch the doughnuts being made.


7. Princess and the Pea

P’Diddy slept with a pea under his mattress at naptime. And yes he DID feel it. ha!

We made a chicken and pea casserole that was kept in the fridge until dinner time. I’ll tell you that he looks for peas in everything now and picks them up to eat them without thinking!

I also showed him what peas look like out of the garden. Here are ours growing now in our tower garden.


8 & 9 Sleepy Beauty & Cinderella

This was probably our most favorite one! We made Magic Wands out of Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

Super easy and the best part is you can customize them with any color sprinkles you want. Great for holiday themes too!

Magic Wands out of Chocolate Covered Pretzels

We are having tons of fun as you can see with our Preschool Books and Matching Food ideas.

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