Chocolate Pretzel Rods great for Holiday themes!

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P’Diddy and I were doing a project for one of our homeschool books and as I was magically creating (more on this next week!), I thought these Chocolate Pretzel Rods are perfect for a class Halloween snack or really any holiday since they can be decorated to fit your theme.

Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Chocolate Pretzel Rods are perfect for any holiday theme.

Very easy and quick project.

Chocolate pretzel rods recipe

All you need is chocolate chips ~ milk or dark chocolate or white chocolate (see my notes below on differences), pretzel rods and sprinkles in all shapes and sizes.

chocolate pretzel rods recipe

I think it’s best to melt your 1 cup of chocolate chips in a plate with edging because you can lay your pretzel across to dip and cover up every space. A bowl is too small. Don’t forget to leave an inch or two free on the bottom for your handle to hold.


This is the fun part and where you can do almost anything. Sprinkle sprinkle! Orange for Halloween, Red for Christmas, Pink for Valentine’s? Themes for parties? There are a lot of options!

And the best part? The kids can do it and they will be so proud!

Chocolate Pretzel Rods Recipe is perfect for any theme.

Lay them on wax paper to harden.

What I learned that I’m sure you expert bakers already know – white chocolate does not melt well and hardens fast! Milk chocolate is very easy to apply but takes longer to become solid.

I think they would be great with crushed candy or mashed up nuts too!

Chocolate Pretzel Rods recipe is perfect for any holiday theme.

Grab the Kids, Have Fun and Enjoy! 🙂

What theme will you make for your chocolate pretzel rods?

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you might want to check out my Chocolate is Involved Pinterest Board.

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