Why Kids Should Visit a Chiropractor


Why kids should visit a chiropractor is a topic near and dear to our family. Many of you know my husband is a chiropractor and I meant to write different posts about this topic through the years. Time flies and it is time I started informing on this important subject. Let’s start with the little ones getting adjusted.

Why Kids Should Visit a Chiropractor

Why Kids Should Visit a Chiropractor and Get adjusted to stay healthy.

It all starts in the birthing process as baby’s head and neck gets pushed and pulled through the birth canal. That causes the spine to become misaligned, or the chiro term “subluxated”. The vertabra needs to be put back into place so that the body can continue to function in a normal healthy manner. It may seem scary to adjust a newborn, but a light finger-tip adjustment with just ounces of force can remove that subluxation!

My youngest was adjusted when he was just hours old. I was having my third c-section and I heard Hubby wince when the doctor pulled him out of me by his neck. He was going to fix that as soon as he could!

And now he's adjusting daddy!
And now he’s adjusting daddy!

As babies grow they learn to crawl, then walk, and you know all those bumps and falls they take! Just think about what that does to their spine and how those jolts will cause misalignment. Each vertebra that gets taken out of its natural place means our body can’t function right. When our body doesn’t function, other symptoms will persist.

Some common problems that Hubby sees children for are earaches, sore throat, constipation, colic, headaches, reflux and even bed wetting! Start thinking about walking into your chiro office first, instead of the dreaded medical doctor wait. Natural remedies can be best and very effective!

Hubby believes that all problems can be helped with chiropractic care, but know it’s not instant! Don’t think you can go get adjusted one day and be cured. Everyone is different and your doctor will help with the right plan. The key is to be consistent.


I urge you to do find a local chiropractor that you love and don’t forget child chiropractic starts at pregnancy. I promise you will feel so much better. Take the whole family and watch how you will get less sick this winter.

Visit icpa4kids.org for more information.

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