Why Be Fluoride Free and Alternatives You Can Use

Why be fluoride free when the medical doctors are wondering if we are drinking it and the dentists want it in our toothpaste. I remember our first pediatrician back home fondly. Maybe because he was MY doctor when I was little and I thought it was awesome that I now visited him with my own child. He had the doctor look ~ his spectacles hanging over his nose as he talked with me and the bowtie neatly sitting at his neck. The one thing he never failed to ask me at each appointment was Are they Drinking Water with Fluoride in it?

Those early years, I eagerly replied Yes! I was scared not to. Then, when we started filtering I would gently nod my head because technically we were. Our filtered water did not take out fluoride – most don’t. If he asked me this question today, I would have to say NO!

Why Be Fluoride Free

Why Be Fluoride Free in water and oral care plus alternatives you can use instead.

Here are some quick facts about fluoride…

  • fluoride is one of the most toxic substances on earth, on par with arsenic and lead
  • It has no proven biological use inside the human body (teeth included).
  • Approximately 50% of the fluorine ingested, remains and accumulates in the body
  • Boiling water for soup, coffee, tea or other drink, only concentrates fluoride
Interesting fact on how the use of fluoride even came about….
Fluoride is a pollutant – a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing. The problem of how to legally dispose of fluoride was solved in the 1930’s when a study (funded by one of the country’s largest aluminum companies) concluded that fluoride prevented tooth decay. A successful public relations effort, helped along with some cooperative government cronies, resulted in the good news going out (love that last line). Many great Why Be Fluoride Free articles at GlobalHealingCenter.com where I found good info.
Why Be Fluoride Free in water and oral care plus alternatives you can use instead.

Gross! Fluoride is a poison – in certain forms it may kill the bacteria in your mouth and this is why it is found in toothpaste. This still doesn’t mean it’s ‘good’. There are many other safer alternatives to keeping your teeth and gums clean!

Alternatives to oral care include coconut oil (so many uses!), Neem which is a superpower plant and you can find oral care products on Amazon, plus finding toothpastes that are fluoride-free. You know I am a huge Tom’s of Maine fan and here is why I choose them for my family.

Alternatives for tap water too. For over three years now we’ve been using a completely fluoride free water filter called the Big Berkey that of course gets rid of all the other gross stuff in water too. In fact it is also great to have around in emergencies, as it can filter anything – even pond water. It makes the water tastes so good I do not like water from anywhere else as much. I can tell the difference!

I hope I’ve given you some things to think about!

Have you considered Why Be Fluoride Free for your family?

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