Topps Baseball Cards


Are you tired of me talking about baseball yet? Last week I shared the story of why we are such a big baseball family and you saw O’Bear in his cute uniform playing ball. I can not begin to tell you how excited he was when there was a box of Topps Baseball Series 1 cards sitting on the counter when he got home from school. I actually got a not-asked-for hug out of my least affectionate child. He was that thrilled!

Topps Baseball Cards

It took him a matter for seconds to rip open the first package of his Topps Baseball Cards. ‘Look mom. This is a great pitcher!’

He immediately spread them all out along the table according to teams and was mumbling to himself all along about who he liked and who he didn’t. It was really funny. He was counting the minutes until his dad came home so they could create a ‘dream team’ together.

Topps Baseball Cards

2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 Cards:

  • The Topps Baseball Series 1 cards feature exciting new stars while also looking back at the greatest players of today and yesterday.
  • Topps is giving fans who purchase 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 cards the chance to win highly-coveted Topps’ Top 50 Rookie Cards from years’ past, including Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Derek Jeter, Miguel Cabrera and more.
  • Special Topps “Power Players” cards are in select 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 cards packs, with each card having a code on the back, which when entered, places your player in a digital locker.
  • The “Power Players’” real-life performance impacts fans’ chances at winning prizes, such as autograph cards, limited edition cards, and other Major League Baseball Memorabilia.
  • 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 cards are available now at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us, Modell’s, The Sports Authority, Shopko, Meijer, and nearly all hobby stores.


I know the little boy (or little girl! I collected them with my brothers when I was a kid) would love Topps baseball cards in their Easter Basket. I think it’s a great addition!

Topps Baseball Cards

WIN 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 cards! (ARV $19.99)

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