Today is Safer Internet Day ~ Tips for Families


This is a sponsored post, Safer Internet Day,  from Google for Education. All opinions are definitely my own.

The devices are taking over. It’s not just the games, videos, and social media either. Add in jobs, school work, and shopping for what we need. There is always a reason to be online. The internet has become a part of our everyday life. Google wants everyone to join together and create a better internet, especially for the kids. They have developed Safer Internet Day so all families can Be Internet Awesome.

Safer Internet Day - Tips for Families

This is just a small stack of what you can find in our house. Five people, each with 1 to 4 devices. It’s a little crazy if you think about it. Laptops, tablets, phones, and an iPod for the youngest member. Don’t forget the video games since most of them are streamed online to play with people from all over. Yes, I find my children talking to strangers. It’s a little unsettling.

Here are just a few of the Family Guide tips for Safer Internet Day:

Be SmartDo not share your address, email, phone number, passwords, usernames or school documents with strangers.

Be Alert. If you fall for a scam online, tell your parent, teacher, or other trusted adult right away and change your passwords to your accounts immediately.

Be Strong. Create a strong password that doesn’t use personal information.

Be Kind. Treat others how you’d like to be treated, both online and IRL (in real life).

Be Brave. Asking for help when you’re not sure what to do is a brave thing to do.

Safer Internet Day - Tips for Families

Is this a familiar scene in your house? Who are they talking to?

It’s important to start a conversation with your children. Have a Family Meeting (the kids love this!) or have a chat over the dinner table. Read over the family guide tips and see what your kids have to say. I bet they have stories of their own. How do they handle different situations that come up?

Put their internet safety skills to the test. A fun online game called Interland is made just for them. Kids can play their way to being Internet Awesome  that puts the key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practice with four challenging games. I know my boys can’t pass up playing a new game!

How will you talk with your kids about Safer Internet Day this year?

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