Swim Today – Swimming Really Is the #FunnestSport!


This is a sponsored post by Swim Today and these opinions are 100% my own.

I grew up a country club girl. It was never a question about how we were going to spend our summers. My brother and I would ride our bikes to the club each morning and truly spend the whole day there.

We had golf lessons two mornings a week, early in the morning. Swim team practice was after. Every day that is.

Then two afternoons a week we would swing the racquet on the tennis court. The hours we weren’t in a lesson or competing in a club competition, we were hanging out at the pool with our friends. Gosh, I loved these days and wish my boys had the same schedule.


The pool was our social hangout, but it really taught us more than that…

  • Allowed kids to see quick improvement compared to other sports
  • Built self-confidence, self-esteem, and focus
  • Taught time management and organization
  • Helped kids learn how to work together with teammates and coaches, and how to compete, win and lose gracefully
  • Created an exercise for life
  • Fact: Swimming is more fun, healthy, social, cool, and easier to learn than parents and kids may believe!

The fact I really want to share with you is that swimming is for ALL ages and skill levels.

I didn’t realize all these benefits at the time. I was just a kid having fun.

But I have come to realize all of these fine points now that I am a mom. I had P’Diddy in swim lessons over the winter. It was his first time having any type of instruction.

The first two weeks the teacher had to pull him out of my arms at age 4 1/2. You know what? In three short months, he moved up three classes and LOVES swimming. I almost cried the first time he went off the diving board because I was so happy.


“Research reveals swimming ranks higher than other sports in fun, teamwork, ease of learning, parent enjoyment and social skills”

Swimming pools and clubs can be found in every state, near almost every city in the country. Log on to SwimToday.com to find a pool and a club that’s right for you.

Swimming really is the funnest sport! Are your kids involved in swimming?

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