Showing Off Our Boys Baseball Bedroom

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We’ve got one room decorated in our new house! It feels good to paint and hang things on the wall after years of renting. The house is actually in excellent condition and didn’t need much done to it, except our own touches. One of the bedrooms was a girl’s room before and the color of the wall was a faint pink. Now it is a bold blue! Come check out our new Boys Baseball Bedroom and what we added to make it their own. Our baseball boys were so excited!

What do I show off first. Hmmmmm. How about the Personalized Baseball Wall Decal!

Boys Baseball Room

There are different sizes you can order from small to extra large. O’Bear absolutely loves it! Our plan is to find a comfy chair to place underneath to make it a reading corner.

This dresser is one we picked up many years ago and added our own baseball knobs too. I found this adorable baseball lamp on Amazon to tie in perfectly.

Boys Baseball Bedroom

Don’t let me forget these little baseball night lights too. We placed them the wall next to each of their beds. They have a switch so the boys can turn them off and on at their leisure and they shouldn’t bother the other with the bunks.

Boys Baseball Bedroom

Now this is the item I am most excited about for our baseball bedroom. DIY Baseball Cap Holder Made with Bat to hold all the hats we have. Isn’t is soooo fun? Hubby made it by recycling an old bat that was cracked. Here are some step by step instructions in case you want to make your own:

After finding the decorative hooks he wanted at the store, he used one of the hooks as a template to line up the screw holes and marked them with a sharpie. He then used a power drill to pre-drill the holes with a small drill bit. Next a hand drill with a Phillips head bit was used to attach the hooks with the provided screws that came with the hooks. A electronic stud finder is great to locate the wall studs before hanging.  After lining up where he wanted to place the bat, using my input of course, he pre-drilled the holes for the two anchor screws in the bat and wall. Using 5 inch decking screws he attached the bat to the wall.DIY Baseball Cap Holder for Boys Baseball BedroomThe baseball bedroom is not big at all and two boys would be spending a lot of time in there, so we needed to buy a bunk bed. It definitely gives them more space! A new bed needs a new mattress and NECTAR wanted to send us one to test out. We have 365 nights to try it out. Yes a year!

Let me show you…


The top layer of quilted gel memory foam stimulates air flow beneath the body, while the Tencel fabric wicks away heat.

In the middle you’ll find more layers of hi core memory foam that are there to support your body and give pressure relief.

The base reinforces the contouring and gives you a stable foundation.


A total of 5 layers of comfiness which makes NECTAR a combination of firm (support!), soft (comfy!) and a touch of bounce (unlike other premium memory foam mattress) to make it a nice and perfect medium firm mattress.

P’Diddy had a huge smile on his face the first night. So unlike his old, not very supportive or comfortable, mattress. Sleep for children is ultra important and I can already tell his nights are better.


The best parts:

CertiPUR-US Certified meaning it is made without ozone depletors, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury and lead.

Shipped free in a reusable bag with a strap rolled up. Yes, someone with muscles can carry it right in the house!

Forever Warranty – FOREVER.

365 Night Trial with Free Shipping & Returns.

Boys Baseball Bedroom

Check out NECTAR if you are in need of a new firm, but soft mattress!

Have you been looking to create a Boys Baseball Bedroom? Or what are the favorite kid themes at your house?

I partnered with NECTAR for this post and received a free mattress. Links are affiliate. All opinions my own. 

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