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It is hard to find time to do everything in a week. Dishes piling up daily in the sink. Laundry baskets starting to overflow. Meals that need to be made. Activities that the kids need to run to. Life can now get a little bit easier with the Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum. With the push of a button it will vacuum your house while you are busy all your other tasks. We all need this!

Let me give you a little background about my household and then I’ll share all its cool features. I have 3 messy boys and a dog that sheds. My house is not very big with lots of stuff. My main floor is mostly hardwood, but there are rugs laying around. I was a bit worried about how the ROBOT would navigate all of this.

Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum App

My kids could not wait to open the box. A robot in our house? They were pretty excited. We first downloaded the app. This allows you to remotely control it via Wi-Fi…though you don’t need the app to work the vacuum. The app allows you to Turn it on from anywhere, tell it to go to the Dock so it will Recharge again, Schedule your weekly cleaning (love this!), and even look at your History. Or we ask Alexa to turn it on too. Pretty techy! It runs on an ithium-ion battery that lasts for over an hour.

Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum

Now how does it work?

I’ll admit I am pretty impressed. The smart sensors detect all objects really well and it backs out and spins until it finds a new route, even if it gets caught in a tight area.

You can see the little brushes on the bottom sides come out to sweep along the walls. It picks up crumbs, dog hair and little bits of debris pretty well. It also has a detangling technology that lets the brushroll manage and untangle long hair, string, and fiber which is nice. The dust bin is not huge for collecting it all, but it does cram it in there pretty well and I just make sure to empty it after each use.

Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum

The first time it went under our entertainment center I was like uh oh. I wasn’t sure it could fit and there is a rug right there too. It works beautifully! Goes under and back out, over the rug with ease. The dog is already immune to it…unless the ROBOT gets a little too close. hahaha.

It also comes with separate BotBoundary Strips that allow you to mark off an area you don’t want your ROBOT to go.

Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum

I hope that helped you decide if you need a Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum. I think you do to make life a little bit easier. 😉

If you aren’t ready for “new techy gadgets” as my brother would say, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Vacuum is great too. Read my post on it from last year.

Find the Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum on Amazon – it has great reviews!

Shark ION ROBOT Vacuum

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I partnered with Shark who sent me this ION ROBOT Vacuum for free. All opinions are my own. Amazon links are affiliate.

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