10 Ways to Reuse Egg Cartons

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It’s that time of year to buy Easter eggs to decorate. What do you do with all of those extra cartons? I usually recycle them but today have come up with 10 ways to reuse egg cartons by upcycling them into many different ideas.

I mostly buy organic Eggland’s Best eggs which are the plastic kind of containers. They are terrific for reusing because they are sturdy and can be reused more than once!

Reuse Egg Cartons

10 Ideas to Reuse Egg Cartons

Look at the pic above and you can see I cut my plastic container and made three separate units with my one container. Of course you can’t do that with the cardboard egg cartons but these ideas can be used with any style.

1. Organize Crayons

Find those broken and yucky crayons. Little fingers can still color with them. When they are too small melt down the wax and turn into new crayons.

2. Hold Paint

 I find it is much easier and less messy if I pour the paint out of the paint can before the boys use it. These plastic containers let you do this again and again after you rinse out the paint. If using cardboard containers then just throw away when finished.

3. Carry Supplies

The lid serves as a terrific tray for a variety of multi-sized items. Store anything you need! I used it to lay out our markers. They would be perfect for the paint brushes too!

4. Use for Starter Seeds

We start our seeds indoors and I’m always scrambling to find little containers. No longer! A small amount of dirt and a seed in each hole. The whole family will love to watch the sprouts shooting up.

Reuse Egg Cartons

5. Plant Herbs

Same idea. Plant herbs that you want to keep indoors. A window sill is a great place to lay the carton for sunlight.

6. Sorting Activity

Use dry beans, pasta noodles, coffee beans and other small dried foods. Let the kids sort into each compartment to practice their fine motor skills. Have them practice counting too!

7. DIY Crafts

The cardboard egg containers make wonderful DIY crafts. I’ve made a GREAT Pinterest Board to get you started with the cutest crafts and projects to do with your little one. Have fun!

8. Store Small Items

A few ideas for kid items are tiny LEGOS, Barbie and Superhero figurine accessories, costume jewelry, erasers, and pieces of games and toys that you can never find a home for but know you will need one day.

9. Feed the Birds

We love to watch the wildlife in our backyard. Now we can fill an egg carton with birdseed and stick it right next to the window. Be sure to get a bird book and learn about the birds in your area.

10. Store Holiday Ornaments

I have the perfect size ornaments that fit nicely in here. Now they aren’t rolling around loose in my holiday box.

What are your ideas to reuse egg cartons?

Writing this post reminded me of my article Reuse Baby Food Jars. We always have a lot of those laying around too!

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