Reuse Baby Food Jars: Ideas From Gifts to DIY Crafts

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The empty baby food jars stack up. I feel guilty for keeping them in space I don’t have. I feel guilty recycling them all because I know I could use them somewhere…somehow. Here is a great list of ideas on how to upcycle and reuse baby food jars. There are cute gift ideas and ideas on what to store in them. Are you crafty? You won’t have empty baby food jars laying around for long!

Reuse Baby Food Jar Ideas

Reuse Baby Food Jars | Recycle | Upcycle

Use Baby Food Jars for Storage

Cheerios for the diaper bag
Salad Dressing to take to work
Spices or Herbs
Beads, Screws, Hair Clips
Small toys – My Little Pony brushes, Barbie shoes, GI Joe guns
Toothpick Holder
Crayon Pieces – you can later melt when you have enough to turn into more crayons!

Fun Easy Projects for Kids

Make Butter – add a couple of Tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and shake, shake, shake until consistency of butter.
Add water with a bit of food coloring and confetti – shake
Firefly or Bug jar – poke holes in lid and catch your bugs!

DIY Gifts

(decorate lids with fabric and ribbons)

Homemade scrubs (check out my Orange Zest Sugar Scrub) or lotions.
Colorful candies
Hot Chocolate in a jar
Pour your own candles
Paperweights – colored marbles or artificial flowers are a couple of examples to put inside.
Tea light candle holders – decorate jar with tissue, paint the jar, or use craft glue the jar to add sparkles, rhinestones or any other decorations.

DIY Crafts to Reuse Baby Food Jars

Gel Air Fresheners
Sewing Kits
Snow Globes

Reindeer Food or Winter Rabbit Food if you don’t celebrate Christmas
Snowman Ornament – so cute!
Pumpkin for fall!

Beachy Ideas to Reuse Baby Food Jars

Colored sand art
Fill with small shells or pebbles
Ocean scene – water with blue/green food coloring, a little glitter added, a small rubber fish attached to the jar lid with fishing string.

Or you could sell the empty baby food jars on Ebay or the Facebook marketplace and make a little cash.

So many great ideas you may even need to buy more Baby Food Jar on Amazon!

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