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DIY Orange Zest Sugar Scrub

There is nothing easier – or cheaper! – then making your own sugar scrub. I’ve done it a few times now and let me tell you that this orange zest is my new fav! Let me show you how simple the recipe is for DIY orange zest sugar scrub made with real zest and how beneficial it is for your body.

Orange Zest Sugar Scrub

DIY Orange Zest Sugar Scrub

Visit my guest post on the Tom’s of Maine blog to get the recipe!

I’ve included sweet almond oil in this recipe to make it smell oh so sweet! Plus organic sugar, essential oil and even real orange zest. You’ll love it!

Why is orange essential oil good for you?

{Why add Young Living essential oils at all? Here are my 4 reasons}

It is great for complexion – dull or oily, plus wrinkles and muscle soreness. The scent is uplifting and induces relaxation and depression. I love adding it to my diffuser – it is the one my boys always choose too!

DIY Orange Zest Sugar Scrub


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  • I've not made a sugar scrub yet - this looks wonderful. I'm just starting to find out about essential oils, I've been experimenting with DIY creams and I would sooo love to add orange essential oil!
  • I've made loads of sugar scrub before. I really want to get into essential oils and all of their health benefits. I just own a couple that I've used in homemade beauty products. The peppermint and coffee sugar scrub I made everyone for Christmas this year was a big hit, you should try it next time. :)
  • We have made a sugar scrub with brown sugar, but no essential oils. I would love to try some!
  • I've never made a sugar scrub or tried essential oils but I've been reading so much about them and I'm so curious!
  • I haven't made sugar scrubs yet - on my to do soon list. And I'm a daily user of Young Living oils. thank you
  • I love essential oils! I use them daily for house cleaning, in DIY lotion, salves, deodorant and toothpaste, plus to help ease some of my anxiety, pain and insomnia. I've made several different sugar scrubs for gifts. I love how simple they are to make, yet they're still a luxurious item to give to someone!
  • I have never made a sugar scrub of my own. I bought a salt scrub once that was so oily. It greased me up so good I couldn't wash it off, and my tub was so slippery it was dangerous! I would love to try out the orange essential oil.
  • I've made a bath salt with lemon essential oil but would love to make a sugar scrub! I love essential oils and all they stand for!
  • I really want to make my own. Last time i bought oils i almost got lime to make some scrub but ddnt. Hopefully i will win this so i can try it!
  • I've never tried making a sugar scrub! I have lots of different recipes pinned though! Does that count?! LOL
  • I've never made sugar scrub, but I am interested in essential oils. I just finished listening to a webinar about them. I would love to know what oil to use for what condition. Lavender is pretty much all I know much about.
  • I just started using essential oils. I love them. I've never made any scrubs.. I'm not that confident yet.
  • I have never made a sugar scrub before, yours looks easy enough! I bet the orange essential oil smells wonderful!
  • I am really interested in essential oils. They are pure and can also be used for your health..
  • I have made my own sugar scrub, but I didn't use essential oil I am super interested in trying out essential oils though!
  • I am very interested in essential oils but never made sugar scrub before. It would be fun I am sure.
  • I keep hearing about essential oils so I'm very curious about them! I would love to try them out.
  • . Wow, prize oil is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me, pick me!
  • I've never made sugar scrub before but I'm really interested in trying to! I love sugar scrubs
  • I haven't made a sugar scrub but would love to try! I just got my first starter pack of essential oils, so just started experimenting!
  • I've never made sugar scrub before. I've also never tried oils before. Thank you for the chance :)
  • no i have never made sugar scrub but im so gonna try now!! I just bought my 1st essential oil a few days ago at the LA womens exbo and im excited to start useing these!
  • I've never made a sugar scrub before, but I like using them. I've recently become interested in essential oils, so I'd love to try some. Thank you for the giveaway!!
  • I have been using a few essential oils in home-care products and am now trying to build my stash of different oils.
  • I love making sugar scrub and am now excited to try an orange version, since I seem to make everything lavender,
  • Why yes!!! I am most definitely interested in essential oils!!!! I have never made a scrub before, but I love them!!! I wouldn't mind learning how.
  • No, I have never made sugar scrub before. We are just beginning to learn about and use essential oils and really like them so far.
  • I would love to try out these oils. I have tried lavender before but never the orange. THanks for the chance to win it.
  • I never made a scrub with citrus in it before and never for my face. I made one for my feet.
  • I've never made a sugar scrub before but I'm very much interested in essential oils. The only one I've ever used is peppermint for nausea. It works really well too. I'd certainly like to try some more out. :)
  • I have never made a Sugar Scrub before, but I love Essential Oils. so far my favorite one is Lemon!
  • I'm definitely interested in essential oils I find them energizing and calming . but I've never tried to make a sugar scrub before
  • I started using essential oils last year when I learned that they could help my dog with storm anxiety. I have not yet tried making scrubs but I would love to.
  • I have not made a sugar scrub before but do make my own facial moisturizer with coco oil and tea tree oil. I want to make more homemade lotions and potions.
  • I have never made any scrub before. I think it would be nice to do. I would love to try some essential oils.
  • I've never made a sugar scrub before, but it sounds like fun. :) I've tried essential oils before and liked them! Lavender oil was great on my cuticles.
  • I have never made a sugar scrub, but I would really love to try .... seems like a good way to pamper my tired mama feet at the end of the day!! lol! I an very interested in essential oil, but have yet to break down and just try them. :)
  • I just started getting interested in essential oils. I had a lemon oil and I put it in my humidifier. I loved how it made the room smell lemony fresh. I know there are so many other uses and I really want to learn about them.
  • I've never made a sugar scrub, but would like to. So far, the only oil I've bought is Lavender and Eucalyptus!
  • I've never made a sugar scrub but I love essential oils and use them often. I'll definitely have to try making my own scrub.
  • Hi! I am very interested in making this and was curious how long it might last? I am planning on making this for gifts as well, so I wanted to be sure to let the recipients know. Thanks for any input :)

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