10 Preschool Books and Matching Craft Ideas

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We are over half way done with our school year. Wow! Hubby and I just had a tough decision to make. Are we going to sign up P’Diddy for four year old preschool next fall or continue on with our preschool homeschool? After much discussion and prayer, we have decided to keep him home with mama as the teacher again. 

Today I want to share our favorite preschool books and matching craft ideas. First read the story with your little one then make the matching craft. For example, read Turkey Trouble and then create a paper plate turkey craft. I promise that these will be memories you will always have!

Preschool Story and DIY Craft Ideas

Books and Matching Craft Ideas

Here is the countdown to our Top 10 Favorite Books and Craft Ideas that we have done the first part of this school year. I got my ideas by Googling, Pinterest and using what I had laying around!

10. Thumbelina

Making tissue paper flowers are easier than I thought! Search You Tube and follow along.

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Thumbelina

9. The Ugly Duckling

Paint your child’s hand and have them press on the paper for a handprint. This makes the body of the duckling. Cut out a circle for the head and glue on feathers for fun. Add eyes by drawing them on or use google eyes. Don’t forget to make one a swan!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Ugly Duckling

8.  Guess How Much I Love You

Measure your child from fingertip to fingertip and cut a strip of construction paper to match. I just used the largest sized paper I had. Fold up the paper to make an accordion. Trace your child’s hands and cut out to glue on the ends. They love you this much!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Guess How Much I Love You

7. Whose Mouse Are You

We made bookmarks for the whole family and surprised them at dinner that night! Cut into a bookmark/mouse shape, like you see in photo below. Add ears and eyes. Use thread or string for whiskers and a tail.

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Whose Mouse Are You

6. I Am a Bunny

I measured his head around with a soft sewing tape measure and glued two large strips together to size. Then we hand- traced and cut out ears to glue on. He loves this hat. We saved it and he will be wearing it for Easter activities!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas I am a Bunny

5. Turkey Trouble

We made this paper plate turkey craft during our Thanksgiving week. Super cute and you could do any variety of colors for the feathers with your tissue or construction paper. Cut a paper plate in half. Glue your colorful squares on the top ridges. Make the face how you like. Don’t forget his red snood!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Turkey Paper Plate Turkey Craft

4. Rapunzel

When I saw this idea on Pinterest I had to attempt it. Grab her instructions because they are genius! The hair can be moved in and out – just like Rapunzel!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Rapunzel

3. Frog Prince 

Trace a large circle out of green construction paper and cut out. Fold the paper over. Add legs, eyes, tongue, and the crown. Ribbit!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Frog Prince

2. Where the Wild Things Are 

This one is super simple and fun! Just cut out shapes for each object and let the little ones practice their cutting and pasting as much as they can. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I found the image of Max by googling!

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Where the Wild Things Are

1. Freight Train

This is my #1 favorite! We have pinned up on the wall and I don’t think I’m ever going to take it down! We have a large roll of white drawing paper that this worked great for. Each color car is directly from the story. P’Diddy practiced his circles by drawing the wheels on the tracks.

Preschool Story and Craft Ideas Freight Train

We have had an awesome semester as you can see!

What Preschool Books and Craft Ideas did you want to try?

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