DIY Valentine’s Day Pencil Love Bugs

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We’re getting crafty around here! I’ve been picking up odds and ends when I see something cute on Clearance…or that Target $1 bin always gets me right inside the door. I decided it was time to start creating!

I came up with these DIY Valentine Pencil Love Bugs you can make with pencils. I think they would be cute to have laying at your child’s breakfast seat on Valentine’s Day morning with the words You are my Love Bug. They would have fun taking them to school for the day! Or if you have more time on your hands…a good gift for every student in class?

They don’t take much time and you only need a few simple materials.

Love Bug Materials

Valentine Pencils. Or maybe just pink or red?

Pipe Cleaners

Felt Balls

Google Eyes

Hot Glue Gun

Love Bug Pencil

Glue the felt balls on any which way you’d like. Make sure they are only on the top half of the pencil so that your child may still write with it.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the pencil completely once, after the first felt ball – the head. Take your two ends and form into a heart shape. Take the tips and twist together so the wings stay in shape and tuck behind the felt ball head.

Add on your google eyes and voila!

Pencil Love Bugs Valentine's Day

I made one for each of my boys. I don’t know if the older ones will take them to school, but P’Diddy will definitley be using his these next couple of weeks!

Love Bug Pencil Topper

Do you get crafty at Valentine’s Day?


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