NYNE TT Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


Cleaning up the kitchen, washing dishes, wiping down countertops, sweeping floors is an endless job. I usually spend a good time on these tasks in the evening after dinner. Making tomorrow’s lunches can be added to that list. To make my job bearable I like to turn on my tunes. With kids playing and the tv on in the next room, my phone – my playlist – is turned on high and my music is still not heard very good. I need a good set of speakers.

NYNE Wireless Speaker

The NYNE TT Wireless Speakers are now sitting on my window sill and I can listen to my music til my heart’s content. Love that I can play through my phone through the bluetooth capability. It’s so easy even the boys know how to hook it up. After a first time connect just press play!

I could actually hook up ANY phone, tablet, laptop with the NFC touch-connect technologies or auxiliary input. And it doesn’t stop at listening to music. I can recharge my mobile with the TT’s built in power bank and USB cord or take a hands-free call with the built in microphone. How many times have you been out and about and need a charger?

Cool huh?


Take it on the go, it’s not too big with the light and thin design. Fit it in your bag or use the carrying case and shoulder strap it comes with. With 17 watts of power and 10 hours of playtime, stay out all day before having to worry about recharging.

Can’t wait to take it to the beach! Or to our Fourth of July picnic and fireworks! In fact, I think it is the perfect travel companion for anywhere.

Could you use a new speaker with these awesome features?

Check out the NYNE TT Bluetooth Wireless Speaker! On Amazon today for $110.20.


Amazon links are affiliate. I was sent the speaker for review. All opinions are my own.

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