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No Dye Easter Eggs

I remember the fun I had as a kid when we decorated Easter Eggs. Then why is it that I dread it each year with my own children? It’s the messy dye. The stained eggs. I don’t like it. This year we are creating No Dye Easter Eggs at our house! The idea came to me when I was doing my weekly volunteer stint in P’Diddy’s kindergarten class. They were using glitter glue markers for a project and the kids loooooooved them.

No Dye Easter Eggs

No Dye Easter Eggs

Last week I bought an extra dozen eggs at the grocery and some washable glitter glue markers on Amazon to test out this project. Let me share the tips I learned.

  1. Don’t forget to boil your eggs first. I love the egg timer.
  2. Use an easily wiped placemat or cloth underneath your child.
  3. Grab a plate or even better yet, egg tray, to lay your eggs in.
  4. Paint one side at a time.

No Dye Easter Eggs

Number four is a test of patience when you have little ones who want to finish NOW, but we quickly learned that it is hard to lay down an egg when there is wet puffy paint on it. It will smear of course. Draw one side, let it dry, then finish the other side. Next year I will be investing in these colorful Egg Cup Holders which will keep the egg standing up.

No Dye Easter Eggs

The kids had a blast drawing, decorating, chatting about what to create next. We are going to have to think of more projects to make with these glitter glue sticks!

Use the eggs to decorate the Easter table or maybe you’ll want an egg hunt first. Then it’s deviled eggs and egg salad all week. ha!

No Dye Easter Eggs

Does your family decorate Easter Eggs every year?

Do you have a favorite method?

No Dye Easter Eggs

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