No Dye Easter Eggs

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I remember the fun I had as a kid when we decorated Easter Eggs. Then why is it that I dread it each year with my own children? It’s the messy dye. The stained eggs. I don’t like it. This year we are creating No Dye Easter Eggs at our house! The idea came to me when I was doing my weekly volunteer stint in P’Diddy’s kindergarten class. They were using glitter glue markers for a project and the kids loooooooved them. I hope you love our ideas of creating Easter eggs without dying them.

Tips for Setting Up Your Easter Egg Area

  1. Don’t forget to boil your eggs first. I love the egg timer.
  2. Use an easily washable placemat or cloth underneath your child.
  3. Grab a plate or even better yet, egg tray, to lay your finished eggs in.
  4. Paint one side at a time and let it dry before flipping over.

8 No Dye Easter Eggs Ideas

Glitter Glue Pens

Using washable glitter glue markers is easy and fun for every age level. 

No Dye Easter Eggs
No Dye Easter Eggs


No Dye Easter Eggs

Use any type of small sticker to decorate. Washi tape works great too!

Yarn or Ribbon

No dye easter eggs

Put down a layer of glue first. Wrap thin strips of yarn or ribbon to any unique design.


Use any type of paper. Construction or postcard paper will be heavier and tissue paper will be light and thin. Cut your designs by hand or get fancy with a wireless cutting machine to make your job a breeze. See link for creative ideas on how to use a Cricut Maker.

Glitter or Confetti

Roll a your egg in glue first and then in a pile of your favorite glitter or confetti.

Sequins and Pom Poms

Dot your glue where you’d like to lay your sequins or pom poms to make elaborate designs.

Temporary Tattoos

Just like the stickers you can find any tattoo, get it wet, and stick it on.

Pens and Markers

No Dye Easter Eggs

Felt tip pens or sharpie markers can work great. We love Tombow Dual Brush Pens because it has both a marker end to draw and a brush end to color in.

Use all your new decorated eggs to make the Easter table beautiful or maybe you’ll want an egg hunt first. Then it’s deviled eggs and egg salad all week. ha!

Does your family decorate Easter Eggs every year?

Visit my post on Reusing Your Egg Cartons for more fun craft ideas.

No Dye Easter Eggs

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  1. Trisha W. says:

    Those yarn eggs are so cute! I wouldn’t have the patience to make them though.

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