Killerspin Family Table Tennis

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I partnered with Killerspin on this family table tennis post.

We have had a very mild winter. February was pretty warm and today it is going to be 70 degrees! My boys have been happy that they’ve been able to go outside to play, but as soon as the sun goes down early it gets chilly again. Much to my annoyance they bring the ball in – basketball, handball and spike ball. They are soft foam balls of course, but these boys get rowdy! What else have they been loving to play? Family table tennis!

Remember a few months ago I posted about our new Killerspin Ping Pong table?

It has been awesome to have and I wish I would have recorded how much of our screen time has been reduced because it’s been hours! Plus, the way we’ve bonded as a family has been has been totally terrific. This is exactly what Killerspin had in mind when they came up with the concept UnPlugNPlay. Let me show you.

Nerf Gun Wars. I quickly got my camera out when this started to happen! LOL. I love it when Hubby gets right in there with them. Yes, I do have four boys!

Killerspin Family Table Tennis

Tournaments. We play tournaments a lot. O’Bear is the official scorekeeper and loves to make brackets. In fact, we’ve had a few holidays and birthdays since we’ve had the table where extended family is over. We HAVE to play. It’s become a rule already. The traditions have started.

Killerspin Family Table Tennis

Doubles. It’s great that four of us can play at once.

Killerspin Family Table Tennis

Practice. Or play alone and get that practice in!

Killerspin Family Table Tennis

Our Killerspin table really is beautiful and we’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it. I highly recommend one in your home for hours of family table tennis play. What is better than to UnPlugNPlay with the ones you love? Nothing! Family time is priceless.

Visit and find the perfect ping pong table for your family.

Killerspin Family Table Tennis

Do you play family table tennis?


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