Killerspin Family Ping Pong

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I partnered with Killerspin on this family ping pong post.

My boys are video game players. That is no secret. They get it from their father who still loves to play. You know what else they got from their dad? Their sports skills! My little electronic loving kids like to go outside and play with the ball even more. We’ve even had neighbors comment how they think it’s great how the brothers will use our small front yard and street to be outside daily, whether it’s kicking the soccer ball, throwing the football or practicing their baseball pitches. If the weather is nice, they are out there!

Unfortunately we now live in a colder climate state and you should hear the whines when it is too cold to go out. Or when the snow is covering the ground! They resort to indoor ball (which makes me crabby sometimes!) which is often shooting hoops with the over the door basketball set they have.

We recently found another indoor sporting activity that is PERFECT. Family Ping Pong!

Killerspin Family Ping Pong #UnPlugNPlay

I have teamed up with Killerspin, the world’s only luxury table tennis experience brand. They create highly designed, and beautiful tables, for families and friends to play. Not only are they experts in this sport, but they have come up with the concept – UnPlugNPlay – which is fabulous idea! Let me tell you a bit about it.

UnPlugNPlay is Simple:

It doesn’t require any special skills or athletic abilities. All you need is a Killerspin ping pong table, a few paddles and some balls. There’s no rules but your own. Simply round up the family, put down the technology, start a game and the fun will come on its own.

Killerspin Family Ping Pong #UnPlugNPlay

Our table came and it was an exciting day! Hubby and the boys put it together fairly quickly. It arrived in a huge and heavy box. As they unpacked it we were impressed by the quality and loved the blue smooth finish. The MyT4 Killerspin Table is a tournament size table with wheels that can move around as a rollaway. This makes it easier to push from place to place (though it is heavy!), but also makes it great for storage because it folds up to move to your storage location.

Killerspin Family Ping Pong #UnPlugNPlay

Our final destination was going to be in the basement, but for a long weekend we moved the dinner table aside and played right in our living room / dining room for days! It was so fun having it right in our way because we played constantly.

Did you know that ping pong is actually fantastic exercise? I couldn’t believe how tired I would get! My family would laugh at me because when it was tournament time I would get on my comfy workout clothes, pull my hair into a pony tail and be ready to move! It also sharpens the mind because you have to think about your strategy to win and this may differ on who you play. After a few games my Hubby found my weakness and he constantly used that to his advantage!

Killerspin Family Ping Pong #UnPlugNPlay

I can’t tell you how much we have laughed together over the last few weeks. My boys have caught on quickly and have already improved so much. My six year old is amazing and it makes me smile thinking about how good he is going to be as he gets older. It is a sport that he can play until old and gray. No age limits with ping pong!

This holiday season is a wonderful time to UnPlugNPlay. Put down the technology and pick up the paddles. Not only will you have bonded family time often, but long lasting memories are being made. You won’t regret your purchase for a minute.

Killerspin Family Ping Pong #UnPlugNPlay

Below is a chance to win a JET600 Paddle from Killerspin. This racket was created for serious recreational play and you will love it. We have a few different paddles and this is both a favorite for Hubby and me. It offers the perfect balance of speed, spin (which I need to work on!) and control. We have to use it to play!

I can’t wait to hear if you’d like to UnPlugNPlay with Killerspin and your family.

Do you play family ping pong now?

Killerspin Family Ping Pong JET600 Paddle #UnPlugNPlay

 WIN a JET600 Paddle! (RV $87.99)

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