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I’m hoping that the cold has gone away for good. We have had beautiful weather over the past week and it has motivated me to get moving! Did you start a new years resolution that has maybe dwindled? I’m not pointing fingers at you…well maybe a little.This year has been tough for all this snow and ice and my motivation has lacked.

Jabra is going to make sure that you keep going with solid advice from Craig Alexander, five times Iron Man Champion and 50 Jabra Sport Wireless+ headsets for top performers, who can demonstrate they can keep going when many just drop out. The more calories you burn, the more entries you get! Jabra has teamed up with Endomondo and you can check it all out in the Faster.Further.February campaign.


I’ve had a chance to check out the Jabra Sport Wireless in my routines – lucky me!

First, I just have to say I love love not having any wires connecting to my phone! yay freedom! Skip tracks, control volume, take calls and switch to radio with a quick tap at your ears. No trying to fumble with your phone while trying to run – not fun!

Other reasons the Jabra is ultra cool.

Locks In – Won’t Fall Out. This headset is designed to lock in so you can focus on your workout. A behind-the-ear shape and a choice of seven different ear gels means whatever the intensity of your workout – you’ll get the perfect fit.

Did you hear that? The perfect fit! Have you ever had that?? I think that it means that Hubby and I could share and we’d both be comfy…if I decide to share. 😉

Built-in FM Radio. I don’t have tons of music downloaded on my phone so I get tired of it pretty fast. Having a radio to listen to my morning programs is awesome!

Tested to the Extreme. Rain, dust and shock resistant according to US Military standard, so it’s built to withstand the most intensive workout conditions…built just for my sweaty husband. ha!

jabra headphones

It did take a few minutes to figure out. Which earbud do I like? How I do I hook it up to my phone? Find that radio! Now I’m ready to rock and roll each day…now motivation is all I need!

 Check out the Jabra Sport Wireless Plus Headphones and Join up for the Faster.Further.February campaign to maybe win your own! 🙂

Could you use a pair of new wireless bluetooth headset?



I partnered with Jabra for this post and all opinions are my own. Amazon links are affiliate.

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