I’ve joined the World with my New Tablet and Snugg Case


I think I’ve been repeating myself since the beginning of time. I want an iPad. I want an iPad. I want an iPad. I tried to win one many many times. You know how that is!

I finally bought one combing a gift certificate I had with some bonus ad money that was unexpected. A sweet treat that was supposed to be all MINE.

Well you know how that goes too…


I’m sharing. A little bit. It has come in handy when we are out (like 2 hour baseball practices) and I need to work or P’Diddy needs to keep busy.

The Snugg case covering it was highly recommended to me. I love the distressed brown leather look.

The case cover wraps around the iPad, protecting it on every edge. They’ve added strong, stitched cut-outs for every port and switch, and there are also cut-outs for both of the camera lenses, front and back.

Inside the cover, there’s an integrated strap. I can slip my hand into the strap and carry it safely around the house. This is VERY important, especially for kids who are not allowed to carry my iPad anywhere…but of course they do.


The cover also transforms into the two positions you see in the pictures: an upright angle for easy viewing  and a flatter stand for work and typing.

My favorite feature – it helps prolong the battery power. When closed, the case automatically switches off the screen. When I open again it automatically switches back on. It’s very cool!

Comes in a rainbow of colors and with a Lifetime Guarantee you can not go wrong with this case.


Check out TheSnugg.com for all your cover options – on tablets and phones!

Amazon sells Snugg too!

Are you in love with your iPad? What about your case?

Amazon link is affiliate. I received the Snugg case to share with you in my post. All opinions are my own.

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