How to Entertain Kids During a Mountain Drive

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When we have a free day what do we do? We take a drive through the mountains! We only have one rule. No Technoloy Allowed. This is not the norm at my house, so how do we keep the boys entertained during a mountain drive? Let me share with you our ideas on our most recent drive in a Mitsubishi Outlander we tested out for the week. These are great ideas to keep them looking out the window. Believe me, the scenery will be beautiful and you don’t want them to miss a thing!

Kids Happy on Mountain Drive

1. Count Waterfalls. There are lots of nooks and crannies with water running down the side. So pretty!

2. Count How Many Tunnels You Drive Through. This is P’Diddy’s favorite thing to do. We went through 6 in just an hour!

3. Spot Mountain Climbers. ohhhh these guys scare me. They are so brave!

4. Create stories about the Mountain Climbers you spot or anyone you see along the way. Is it a family on vacation from Vermont? A couple who is getting ready to be married soon? Let the kids use their imagination and write a story in their head about the people they encounter. It is fun and will bring giggles!


5. Take photos along the way. If you can roll down the window even better. We had a fabulous sky roof to take pictures of the canyons towering over us.

6. Introduce your kids to 80s Music. Or any era. Sirius Radio is awesome for this and you should have heard me belting out the tunes. ha! You may also bring your own device for bluetooth capability.

7. Always bring plenty of snacks and water. Even nicer when you have an automatic power liftgate that opens and closes for you. Have a picnic in the car!

Mitsubishi Outlander

8. Play the License Plate Gate. There is an app you can grab (technology may be used here) that makes the recording easier and when you don’t find all the states that day you can keep it on your phone and continue on always.

9.  See how many miles to the gallon you can go on. With the car’s Eco Mode this was my favorite part! I think mountain driving is a lot of fun with the up/down/and bendy curves. The Outlander is equipped with Brake Assist, sensors that add pressure for emergency stops and Hill Start Assist that holds brakes for 2 seconds after releasing the brake to prevent from rolling backward. But please be careful!

10. Stop at a cute little mountain town for lunch. This may be the best part!

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander won the Intellechoice award for “Sport Utility Best Overall Value of the Year”. It was great for our mountain drive and a few other features that we enjoyed over the week…

  • Dual zone climate control including heated seats
  • Rain Sensing Wipers
  • Rear Back Up Camera with Screen
  • 3rd Row Seating
  • Push to Start. No key!
  • 7 Airbags, but thankfully didn’t have to test them out!

Has your family had a chance to go on a mountain drive lately?

Thank you to DriveSpot for allowing us to drive the Mitsubishi Outlander.

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