Hiking with the Activeon DX Camcorder

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I remember our first video camera. It was large and heavy! It had the video cassettes you put inside to record. Remember this? Now there is an action camera – the Activeon DX – that you can carry with just 2 of your fingers it is so small!

We’ve been on hikes where we carry our long DSLR camera because the scenery is so beautiful we want to capture the moments. Most of the time I just use my smartphone to take a few quick snaps. Now? We can take video and still shots with the Activeon DX and it weighs almost nothing.

Here is a shot we took from our car on the way to our hiking spot last week…


The Activeon DX Xamcorder supports Full HD (1080p) video at 60fps for excellent point-of-view shots of your action world. Capture the moment with the superior 12M pixel Sony Exmor® sensor and high precision f/2.4 lens.

The built-in 2-inch LCD view finder makes it easy to frame shots, watch what you’re recording and playback your recorded video. 120 minutes of recording time that is!


Hubby loves that the built-in WiFi makes it easy to share our video or use his smartphone to control it. So user friendly!

It is also housed in a water-proof case and you can use up to 196 feet below. I need an ocean again! 🙂

The best part? You can wear it!

IMG_9086 IMG_9099 IMG_9100

We really love taking this little, but powerful camera with us hiking. All the kids get a chance to wear it and watch back what they recorded. It has really good image as you can see in that first picture and mic quality to pick up sound…which may be a downfall when my kids are yelling at each other. ha!

Check out the lightweight Activeon DX Camcorder for all your big adventures!

Activeon Camera

Could your family use an Activeon DX?

My family received this fun little camera to use on our hiking adventures in exchange for this post. All opinions my own.

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