Getting Everyone to Clean with the Soniclean Vacuum

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Is cleaning a battle at your house? I think we’ve tried every avenue under the sun to get the boys to help. Honestly most days I would rather do it myself then hear the whining and complaining. It hurts my ears.

What would that teach the kids though?

Here are a few ideas that help my boys straighten up.

Music ~ plug in the tunes and see how they get moving!

Teamwork ~ everything is better with a partner right?


Incentive ~ I usually promise a fun lunch or going out for ice cream if we have a big cleaning day.

Ask what they like to do ~ ask them what jobs they would like to do instead of forcing them to do things they really don’t want to. This doesn’t always work, but I try to start the day with this conversation and see how it goes and what they pick.


Buy a new cleaning tool ~ ha! Who doesn’t want to try out new toys?

We have a new vacuum. The Soniclean VTPlus and let me tell you that everyone was anxious to try it!


Right away C’Man says to me, ‘Mom do you know why I like this vacuum?’ and he goes on to tell me why…

It’s Lightweight. Only 10.5 pounds. This is great for a kid. Hey, this is awesome for me too! My house is two floors so I have to carry it up the stairs.

On and Off Button is right at our fingertips. We don’t have to search all over the vacuum or go out of our way to push it. It has two settings for carpet and floor.

It Smells Nice. It has a patented fragrance dispensing system. You can add in these pods that puts out a nice odor as you vaccuum. Kind of cool?

soniclean pods

Now here are some more reasons why us grownups will like it too…

What makes this vacuum unique on the market is that it uses sonic technology. Backed by 12 patents, the Soniclean effectively cleans carpets at 12,000 vibrations per minute, dislodging and removing surface dirt and dust, but also goes deeper to remove microscopic particles embedded deep within the floor. These particles contain bacteria, allergens, and more.

This thing has POWERFUL suction. No joke.

Incorporates green technology with a high efficiency direct air “Paramagnetic” vacuum motor which uses 50% less electricity than many other upright vacuums on the market.

It uses bags to collect debris. Now this could be a negative for some and at first I didn’t like this idea either, but they are super easy to change and uses patented SEAL-TECH HEPA filter bags that are designed for anti-allergen filtration. (really if you use bagless vacuums and empty it out in your trash. You need to take your trash out of your house asap. Don’t keep it sitting there for it to spread in the air. This is why bags can be very nice).

Has advanced jam protection that shuts off the vacuum if something gets stuck. In fact, there is a Lifetime Warranty on the belts because they believe this feature is that effective. Three year warranty on the motor and parts.

The only thing that I was missing in this new vacuum were my attachments for stairs and furniture. I found that I can purchase them on the website and was happy again. If you are buying for the first time you can add them in your cart and be ready to clean everything from the start.


You can check out the Soniclean VTplus S-200 Vacuum at

Purchase it there too for $199.99 or 4 payments.

Do you have tips for cleaning with your kids? Are you in the market for a new vacuum?


I was sent the Soniclean for review and help me write this post. All opinions are our own.

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