Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar


Update: I don’t think they make/sell this anymore. See my post on Aunt Fannie’s Food-Based Cleaning Vinegar.

Have you heard about Four Monks cleaning vinegar? This past weekend I’ve been sick. I think it’s this darn cold weather. I can’t stop shivering. While I stayed under my comfy covers in bed, Hubby was in charge of the house. I congratulated him last night for doing a good job. The kids were fed, the dog was walked, and I even heard a vacuum being used!

This morning I come down to this…

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

He ruined my quesadilla maker! ugh! After a day old the cheese just did not want to come off and I could not soak it because of the cord. Then it dawned on me what I now had in my cleaning closet. All week I’ve been using Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar products. It’s safe! It’s non-toxic! It won’t harm my quesadilla maker and will be able to use food on it again!

I know that a lot of my crunchy mamas have heard me talk about using vinegar before. It’s a great all-natural cleaning agent. Did you know that? I know many people make their own cleaning solutions with vinegar and while I do think making your own is awesome, I’m the type of person who will buy it first especially when it is affordable like Four Monks is.

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

Four Months Cleaning Vinegar

They are the first company to ever sell it in ready to go spray bottles. And they have a Citrus Mint option which I personally don’t think is much different in smell, but it sounds nice. I will say, if you don’t like the smell of vinegar this product may not be for you, but to me it smells cleeeeean.

Another reason to grab Four Monks is their vinegar has 6% acidity, which is 20% stronger than traditional vinegar, but still gentle on surfaces.

You can seriously clean your whole house with vinegar from floors to kitchens and bathrooms and the time we did have a lady help us clean our house she did only use vinegar and it was her career! Why not when it is Safe, Affordable, and it Works?

Try out Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. You’ll find it at Walmart Superstores in the vinegar aisle or on Amazon. There is a $1 off coupon too!

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

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