Use Food Based Cleaning Vinegar for a Healthy Home

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This week I took on cleaning with Aunt Fannie’s Food-Based Cleaning Vinegar for a healthy home as part of a sponsored post.

I would like to say that I am organized and reserve a set day of the week for cleaning. In my perfect world, this would be the case. Instead I try to do a little each day and pat myself on the back if I get one room fully cleaned. I will admit that it is a big easier these days since my kids are in school full time. The first time I’ve had whole days to myself in 14 years!

I’ve slowly been going through the kitchen. Sorting and scrubbing each drawer and cabinet. What a chore! I have my donate box next to me and it is filling up fast with glasses and plates and other misc items we haven’t used in months. After I’ve cleared out the space, I spray it down. I have a new cleaner that I’ve been using for this task and I’ve really come to love it.

Aunt Fannie’s Food-Based Cleaning Vinegar

Aunt Fannie's Food Based Cleaning Vinegars

Aunt Fannie’s was born when a worried father didn’t understand why his son continued to be sick. He was diagnosed with many allergies and food of course was the first thing they changed. But his boy still wasn’t completely healed. Why? He was still breathing in harmful chemicals from conventional household cleaning products. Dad then went on a mission to a develop a non-toxic, first ever, food-based cleaning product.

It makes sense, right? Chemicals weren’t always in our products. In the good ole days everything was made from nature. Aunt Fannie’s was evolved with that thought – using garden grown herbs and fruits. Eucalyptus, Fresh Lime Mint, Aromatic Lavender, Sweet Mandarin.

The cleaning vinegars smell AMAzing for this type of product! When I normally use vinegar based products I can smell it and can live with it because I know it is healthier, but with Aunt Fannie’s the scent is great. I can very slightly smell the vinegar, but it is not over powering at all!

Aunt Fannie's Food Based Cleaning Vinegars

Now let’s talk about those dirty, disease-carrying, fruit flies in our kitchen. Isn’t it hard to keep them away? They spoil our food! And are just plain gross. Aunt Fannie’s Flypunch is another fabulous, totally safe product I want to tell you about. Unseal the jar and keep it wide open sitting next to your bowl of fruit or wherever your problem is. Leave it there for up to a month and watch it collect those little pests! 

It is so effective a university research team has found it kills up to 544% more fruit flies than comparable products. The best part is that Flypunch is also non-toxic. Made only from natural concentrates with no poisonous ingredients, like all of Aunt Fannie’s products. Created with our families in mind.

Aunt Fannie's FlyPunch Cleaning Vinegars

“If food can nourish our bodies, why can’t it nourish our homes?” Aunt Fannie asks.

Start rethinking cleaning and pest products through food-based Healthier Housekeeping solutions from Aunt Fannie’s.

Find their products in retailers like Whole Foods nationwide and online via Amazon and Thrive Market.

Aunt Fannie's Cleaning Vinegar and FlyPunch

to clean I those unpaper towels pictured from Green City Living

I partnered with Aunt Fannie’s for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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