Basic Facts of Essential Oils


Today we begin with some basic facts of essential oils and how they are used. I promised that we would learn essential oils together and I wasn’t kidding. I love reading, experimenting and sharing with you what I find out as I learn about these amazing oils that will replace your entire medicine cabinet and more…but beware, they are very addicting.

All my information is from my new book Essential Oils Pocket Reference. It is a must for me to read because there is SO MUCH about oils that I never knew about and I love finding out the history, how they are processed, etc.

Basic Facts of Essential Oils. The How and the Why answered.

Basic Facts of Essential Oils

What is an Essential Oil? A great question to begin, huh? An essential oil is that aromatic, volatile liquid that is within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds that is usually extracted through steam distillation. Now it can get rather complicated when they start talking chemistry…but one essential oil may contain anywhere from 80 to 300 different chemical constituents. It is a very detailed process on how they are made.

Smells. Research has shown that the effect of fragrance on the sense of smell can exert strong effects on the brain. This is why I have a diffuser that I use with my oils. A few drops of oil mixed in water diffuses out into the room and into our noses…in a good way! Some oils can dramatically increase oxygeneration and activity to the brain which may improve the function of many systems, while others can even promote weight loss, or balance mood and emotions. Remove germs out of the air? Yes there is an oil for that!

Use Topically. Sometimes it is best just to apply the oils directly to our skin {take note, many oils need to be diluted first so never apply directly unless you know it is safe}, especially when we are in pain or maybe even have a itchy bug bite that needs to be gone asap. Muscle spasms, stomach aches, a stuffed up nose? There are so many oils for every kind of symptom. They are fast working and best of all…come right from nature.

Part of your Diet. Young Living has a brand new Vitality Line (love the citrus ones!) to flavor food, smoothies or just take in pill form.

Did you know the Bible contains over 200 references to aromatics, incense, and ointments? Essential oils were man’s first medicines!

I think those few facts of essential oils got you thinking for the day. I promise we’ll continue on soon!


Are you intrigued? Read my post on Why Young Living essential oils for my family.

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 One of oils that comes in the Young Living Starter Kit is Lemon.

Lemon Essential Oil

I hope I can get you as excited about essential oils as I am! 🙂

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