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Vitality Essential Oils from Young Living

Young Living is always coming out with new ideas and products. This month I want to share with you the 10% off discounted kits and their new Vitality Essential Oils line which will give you even more ideas on how to use these fabulous little healthy bottles.

The Vitality line is all about adding flavor to your favorite nutritious foods or using them as dietary supplements (oily vitamins I like to call them!). There is four distinct categories—Herb, Spice, Supplement and Citrus which I will share with you below.

Young Living Vitality Essential Oils Lime, Orange, Citrus Fresh

Vitality Essential Oils

All citrus oils are fabulous to flavor your water with or in your homemade smoothies. Try a drop or two!

Orange – so yummy added to baked goods. A chocolate orange brownie? Or how about your Oatmeal Raisin Cookies?

Lime – add to any Mexican style meal. Flavor your tortilla soup or your fajita chicken. Best of all add a drop in your guacamole. I loooove guac!

Lemon – try it in your hummus. Combine with garlic to chicken and cook in a crockpot all day.

Citrus Fresh combines Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine, and Lemon oils with a shot of spearmint. Doesn’t it just sound good?


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WIN Young Living’s Vitality Essential Oils!

Orange, Lime & Citrus Fresh



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