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I thought I’d honor Hubby and make one of my first stories be about Chiropractic. We “heart” get adjusting in our house (not that we have a choice! 🙂. All of us visit Hubby’s office regularly, even baby P’Diddy. But why do children need to start getting adjusted at such a young age you ask? Well I’ll tell you.


It all starts in the birthing process as baby’s head and neck gets pushed and pulled through the birth canal. That causes the spine to become misaligned, or the chiro term “subluxated”. The vertabra needs to be put back into place so that the body can continue to function in a normal healthy manner. It may seem scary to adjust a newborn but a light finger-tip adjustment with just ounces of force can remove that subluxation!

Here is P’Diddy getting adjusted from daddy.  He didn’t even know what was happening! He first got adjusted when he was only hours old in the hospital. I had a c-section and I heard Hubby wince when the Dr. pulled him out of me by his neck.
As babies grow they learn to crawl & walk. Their spines are modified by their newly acquired body positions and by gravity. You know all those bumps & falls they take! Those jolts will cause misalignment.

Wasn’t that wild? Think about what that does to your spine. With each vertebra that gets taken out of its natural place, our body can’t function right, which causes other symptoms.

(image removed) Here is O’Bear getting his adjustment. When he was little it took him more than a few times to get comfortable with what Hubby was going to do. It can be scary for a child at first because it is something they have never experienced so be sure to find a chiro that specializes in pediatric care and is really good with children. Now O’Bear just hops on to the table and is ready! But his favorite part?
The cute chiropractic stickers he gets at the end. Even at his daddy’s office! 🙂
(image removed) Now C’Man is another story. He loved getting adjusted right from the beginning and will tell you how much better he feels afterward. He had a foot that slightly turned in when he walked so he always gets his side/hip adjusted each time.
Some common problems that Hubby sees children for are persistent earaches, sore throat, colic, headaches, reflux, & even bed wetting! He believes that all problems can be helped with chiropractic care. But it’s not instant! So don’t think you can go get adjusted one day and be cured. Everyone is different.
I will occasionally be writing on topics that surround Chiropractic so you will learn a lot from me in the coming months, but a great book to start you on is called One Minute Wellness : The Natural Health and Happiness System That Never Fails (Body By God) . It’s a book that is split into two parts – the first section reads like a story and is about one man’s life. It’s not boring and I promise you will enjoy it and learn great things.

*sorry my images are removed. They didn’t transfer over when I moved to WordPress. I’m working on finding them again!


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  • sorry, but i don't think babies NEED chiropractic care. how does every other child in the world survive being born or going through out the normal day without chiropractors??? you make it sound like your hubby is a fanatic.
  • Gosh I don't know if Hubby would be honored to be called a fanatic or not but I do know he is passionate about children and chiropractic. And I didn't say a child needs a chiro to survive, I said that it makes them healthier and less prone to sickness. Thanks for your comment hsvmom :)
  • Comment I wanted to add from Facebook...Courtney, agree with adjustments. I went to an Osteopath that did the manipulations when my girls were born, they started getting treatments immediately. They aren't so much into it now, but I am sure that is what kept them healthier as kids.
  • I am actually thinking of taking my 4 year old to a chiropractor to help with sleep issues! Thank you for this post! I am following you now!!Want to follow me?
  • Whether he's a fanaric or not - I think that it is something that can be a great tool for parents to help their kids grow and change naturally without medicines or at least consider as an option before you pop a pill. I think it's a healthy idea to consider a chiropractor's opinion when it comes to kids' welfare, as well as adults.
  • I had constant ear infections as a kid. And I do mean constant- every time they checked my ears there would be an infection and it never went away. 10 years, 2 surgeries, and two exploded ear drums later my Dad read an article on spinal misalignment being a cause of childhood ear infections. I went to a chiropractor every day for 2 years and haven't had an ear infection since.I would have been spared A LOT of problems in my childhood if my parents had known this from the get-go. This is a great post and parents should pay attention!
  • Great post - and so relevant! I have a friend who's daughter screamed/cried for most of her first 4-5 months of life....then they went to the chiropractor out of desperation, the second he adjusted her back, she was a totally new little girl. Her mom said it was unreal. So cool!Following back from the Green Blog Hop - thanks for the great comments! :-)
  • Hi! I'm already a follower from last week. Just stopping by to say hello from the Green Blog Hop! I am so excited to see these pics of your kids getting adjusted. How fortunate to have a Chiropractor for a husband. We are firm believers in chiro care in our family. Much more effective than well baby check ups. :) All of my children have been adjusted since shortly after birth. Never had any ear infections, allergies, etc. in almost 16 yrs.! Of course, we're building natural immunity too. I'll definitely be coming back to read more on your blog.Hope you'll come visit soon and follow me back. Blessings,Lisa xoxoRaising Future Leaders
  • I am in complete support of you and your hubby! I want to get my babe in to a chiro I think it would be great, I love when I go! tell everyone else to kiss your beach bum ;)
  • I NEVER thought a chiropractor would be able to help me and was afraid of them b/c I have severe scoliosis. Then I heard about Network Chiropractic, and how there are different kinds of chiropractic - some are gentler than others - I started going 5 years ago, and have had MUCH less back fatigue and misalignment (I can tell when I'm misaligned b/c I run for exercise, and if I'm off, I have a slight sway when I run). Anyway, I had my son adjusted when he was about 6 months old - he was favoring turning his head to one side more than another and it was causing some difficulty breastfeeding - his adjustment really helped! :)
  • I think this is a great post. I have not really considered chiropractic care for my little one, but my husband has been helped by it a lot. I tried it for migraine headaches but didn't have much success.I certainly don't want to be rude (and I doubt the first commenter will come back to read the rest of the comments anyway), but why wouldn't your husband be passionate about his job? Would he be doing it if he didn't believe in it? Give me a break. My husband is a librarian and I am an English teacher, and guess what--we're passionate about reading books. We think everyone can benefit from doing it. I might even agree with the basics of what the commenter said, but why would I take the time to visit your blog and comment just to be rude to you?