Your Personal Info is Easily Available Online!


The other day I had a reader email me and she had a strange request. She asked that I take out a comment that she wrote on a post from long ago. Apparently when she did a google search of her name this came up and she didn’t want to be found. I thought wow! A small comment from a little blog like mine shows up? Of course this is an easy fix ~ just don’t comment with your full name. I always use Crunchy Beach Mama for my name.

Do you know what else is scary? Whenever I google for an image, it will bring up personal pictures from my blog or maybe my friend’s blogs that I visit often. You will notice that I have started branding my personal photos because of this reason.

My next google search will be how to remove personal information from the internet because I am very curious about what is out there and would like to remove things that don’t belong. I know that I write a blog that can be seen by anyone, but I also take steps so that my family stays as private as can be.

Have you ever googled yourself to see what you find?

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