Don’t Forget Yearly Optometric Exams for Kids #AOA

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for the American Optometric Association. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Would you believe that I do not wear glasses or contacts? When I was in high school I had headaches often and was prescribed a pair for reading. They really did work, but I grew out of the need for them and haven’t worn them in many many years. My husband on the other hand? He has awful eyes and I tease him about his thick lenses. He’s worn glasses since third grade!

Isn't he a cutey in his glasses?
Isn’t he a cutey in his glasses?

C’Man is following right along his footsteps and in second grade complained of not being able to see the board well. I was so surprised when we went in for a checkup and they told me he needed to start wearing glasses on a daily basis. Every year, at the same time, he has his yearly appointment. It is important that we keep this up as his prescription does change and I would hate for him to be school and not being able to see well.

We’ve had O’Bear checked out too, but so far so good. Isn’t it funny how each child is so different?

The American Optometric Association, or AOA, recommends every child have an eye exam by an optometrist soon after six months of age, before age three and every year thereafter. Children now have the benefit of yearly comprehensive eye exams thanks to the Pediatric Essential Health Benefit in the Affordable Act, through age 18. I love this!

Something to think about is how much our kids are looking at screens. Is it bad at your house? It is mine! My boys like their TV, tablets, ipods, computers, phones. Their eyes are just another reason they shouldn’t be spending so much time on their devices.

Check out this infographic with some wonderful statistics…definitely makes you think!

AOA Infographic

Check out for more great information and remember to always schedule your yearly comprehensive eye exam for the kids. The start of the school year – right now! – is a the perfect time.

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