Wooden Building Blocks from HABA


My Hubby makes fun of me because there are certain toys that I want to always keep. For the grandchildren, I say. Classic, wooden building blocks from HABA are just the type that fit into that category. They will last forever!

P’Diddy was sent the Medieval Castle Wooden Building Blocks because knights and dragons are definitely his thing. I thought this set was unique because it was made just for building a house/castle and the blocks were cut perfectly for that.

110 blocks in 21 shapes. Designed in the architectural style of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Wooden Building Blocks

Of course let your imagination go wild as you create…P’Diddy and Daddy did. They brought in the roads and vehicles too. Wait, were there roads and vehicles in medieval times? I think we need to get him some horses!

You could grab multiple wooden block sets of all shapes and sizes from HABA and go crazy with all the construction!

Wooden Building Blocks

What I love about builidng with blocks is that it teaches…

Math. How many blocks does it take to build this wall up?

Science. Will this block hold up this one? Stack ’em up and find out.

Creativity. How will they design their castle? Big, small, funky, modern.

Imagination. It doesn’t have to be exact – like the picture on the box. Sometimes it is hard for me to convey this to P’Diddy who thinks it should look the same. It’s his castle. You can see their little minds thinking hard!


Another fun item that sparks creative play is the Classic Road PlayTape. It comes in different sizes and colors (even railroads!) and sticks to the floor. We don’t have ours yet for me to share, but can’t you just see P’Diddy rolling out all the cars?

These two items right here will keep any child busy for awhile and will make you feel good that they are learning while playing.

Check out HABAusa.com and InRoadToys.com for the holidays!

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WIN HABA Medieval Castle Wooden Building Blocks & PlayTape!

I partnered with HABA & PlayTape for these items and links are affiliate. All opinions are my own. 

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