Will My Kids Live Near Me Someday?

travel-clipartTonight our dinner talk turned into an interesting conversation. We were talking about visiting Florida again one day and C’Man stated that he would like to live there because it was warm all the time. O’Bear then spoke out that he is going to live in New York because it is an exciting place. Then they asked us – who will we visit more often? Florida or New York? We said both of course!

It got me thinking though. Where will my kids end up one day? I always tease them that they are going to stay here. They aren’t moving away from their mama! In reality though they will probably end up somewhere else. I did. They are growing up too fast and I don’t like thinking about it.

I told them that they couldn’t move to the west coast because that was wayyy too far away. My mom just moved half way across the country to be with us though so maybe one day I will follow my boys. Even if it is in California and I’ll have to look up caregivers in Orange County as we grow old. ha! Just thinking about all of this makes me laugh and makes me sad.

I don’t want my boys to grow up and move away!

Do your grown kids live near you?

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