Wicked Cool! Back to School Giveaway with Tom’s of Maine

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oooooh you’re going to love this giveaway!

Tom’s of Maine knows how important it is for us to be green in our Back to School routine.

Tips For Greening Your Kids’ School Routines:

  • Switch from plastic sandwich baggies to reusable containers  when packing lunch
  • Switching off lights and unplugging  chargers for phones and laptops is an easy way to conserve energy
  • Switch to a natural toothpaste like Tom’s of Maine’s Wicked Cool! made with no dyes, saccharin, or artificial flavors (available with and without fluoride)
  • Add recycling to their chore wheel so they take an active part in greening their routine
  • Remind them to turn off the water while brushing their teeth and take shorter showers . Simple changes that can save a lot of water!

In fact our eco-conscious children can use products to help them minimize their impact on the environment throughout the day.

How about a water-powered alarm clock?

A solar powdered LED desk lamp

Backpack made entirely from recycled materials (see my EcoGear review here)

Stainless steel lunchboxes

and we can’t forget Tom’s of Maine Naturally Clean bpa-free toothbrush, Wicked Cool! natural toothpaste and Juicy Mint mouth wash.

We love Tom’s of Maine at our house. The other day O’Bear asked me if I could buy mouthwash for him and I wasn’t sure what I would find since I’m picky about oral care. I am thrilled that I am able to now buy him Wicked Fresh! fluoride-free mouth wash.


Visit TomsofMaine.com to see what other products you could use at home.

What do you do at your house to green your Back to School routine?

Tom's of Maine Gift Pack

WIN IT! (ARV $150)

Water powered alarm clock, ecogear backpack, stainless steel container, solar desk light plus a year’s supply of Tom’s Wicked Cool! toothpaste, Juicy Mint mouthwash and new BPA-free toothbrush, Naturally Clean!


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