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Why Young Living Essential Oils for My Family

Why Young Living you ask? I love seeing essential oils {see all my oil posts at this link!} being used everywhere by a large growing group of people. They are great for adults, kids and even pets! It sure beats heading to the doctor or taking prescription medicines. I’m all about trying oils first!

You might want to start at my post on Basic Facts of Essential Oils if you are a newbie and know nothing about them.

It is starting to get confusing about all the companies that sell essential oils. It seems I am seeing a new one all the time. Today, I want to share with you 4 Reasons Why Young Living Essential Oils, including the fact that they have been around for over 20 years and are world leader in essential oils. They have more oils and blends than you can imagine! Something for every area of your life and more.

Why Young Living

Why Young Living Essential Oils - 4 reasons

1) Are you aware that Young Living actually has their own farms that you can go to and help harvest plants and make oil? NO other oil company can offer that. This is the same as knowing where your food comes from!

2) Their Seed to Seal Promise. Using the most exacting standards possible to make their products, your life, and the earth better. Seed – Cultivate – Distill – Test – Seal.

Seed to Seal Young Living Essential Oils

3) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. Extracted through careful steam distillation and cold pressing, only unadulterated essential oils are used in our products. Nothing synthentic here ever!

4) Support. Not only can you call and use their live support anytime you need, you will be included in a great small(er) group of oilers who have a passion and can help you in anyway possible. We ask questions and cheer each other on as these amazing oils change our lives. It would be a harder and slower process for me to learn how to use my oils if I didn’t have my oil friends to help me. I couldn’t just go in a store to receive this kind of support, right? Plus oil groups are FUN!

{please note Support is when you try Young Living through me or someone who is part of a support group. Not every member who joins Young Living has this access of small groups. I will send you an Essential Oil Pocket Reference too!}


Why Young Living Essential Oils Joy


The other day in one of my oil groups there was the question What 3 oils do you love the most that aren’t in the 10 everyday oil kit? Orange was in the answers of so many! I’m happy that P’Diddy choose orange for me last month – yes he did. ha ha!

‘Liquid sunshine’ someone called it because it Lifts Spirits. I Love diffusing it. Makes my kitchen smell fresh and citrusy!

Orange Essential Oil



A few reminders…I’m always happy to help.

 Facebook Friend me – an account made specially for oil interest and allows me to include you in our fun oil groups to learn the oils, ask questions and win prizes.

And I’ll always send you a Essential Oil Pocket Reference to read and learn + a Seasonal Oil (Orange Vitality right now!) of my choice once you sign up under my link.


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  • I'm excited for this class! I learn something new about these amazing oils almost every day. THANK YOU!
  • This was interesting to read about. I do need to learn more. I have used essential oils for awhile but kind of ad hoc and not really putting the research there is about them to work.
  • Awe. Thanks for the mention. I haven't played with my kit very much yet. I did make a roller with peppermint for headaches though. The diffuser is tricky because my hubby isn't on board and so it's harder to use it. :( I think I'm going to be a very slow entrant into the world of YL. I do need to order some Cedarwood eventually.
  • I haven't tried Young Living oils, but in recent months, I've been hearing a lot of positive things about essential oils in general. I'm excited to do some research, and to discover the benefits for myself! Thank you for the giveaway!!
  • I have signed up for the class. I hope to learn about these oil and what they can do for me and my family.
  • I use essential oils and have done so for many years. I have not heard of Young Living before this.
  • I have been using essential oils for a couple of years now, although I have never tried Young Living. I would love to learn more about using essential oils at the Facebook class.
  • I use several Young Living oils daily. One of my favorites is valor for helping me feel calmer more centered. I started using some of the Citrus oils for weight. Going to try to make the FB class. thank you
  • I have not tried the oils before! We recently went to a homeschooling conference and were able to see a presentation on essential oils; my hubby and I would love to try them!!
  • I've been seeing a lot about essential oils online lately, but I've never used them. I'd like to try them. I'm diabetic, & I wonder if any might help with diabetic skin issues (dry, patchy spots, blisters, etc.).
  • Ive never used the orange EO or anything from young living. ive heard its good in water though.
  • wow thats pretty cool. I have not tried oils, from what i have read oils can be amazing for some people. Thanks for the info.
  • I truthfully have to say that I have not heard of Young Living Essential Oil,but I am going to look into it.
  • I have used a number of cheap essential oils purchased from eBay. After my last purchase where all 4 different oils I purchased smelled strongly of chemicals, I decided that while I am very poor it is well worth my money to save and buy quality essential oils from Young Living. I was absolutely convinced when a friend sent me PanAway. I've suffered from an incredibly rare and painful nerve disorder for the past three years. I've undergone three failed surgeries- one of which was a brain surgery- and may be facing another brain surgery soon. PanAway was the first oil I've used that helped my pain more than nerve blocks or medication. It also helped my husband's blinding migraines. I signed up as a wholesale member because anything that can reduce my pain is a near miracle after three years of nonstop pain. Thank you!
  • Mmm… love orange oil - so good for that mental vacation when you want to relax, but need to stay mentally alert. Who doesn't have a special memory with oranges in it? For me, it was the orange I found every year in the toe of my Christmas stocking.
  • Thanks so much for the giveaway! I just recently started using essential oils, and I'm really enjoying them. I haven't tried Young Living yet, but I've heard good things about them!
  • I haven't tried their EOs yet. I'd love to find something to help with dd's skin that is natural...lotions/creams aren't doing it!
  • I have just started using some essential oils. I don't know a whole lot but I am learning as I go.
  • I have not yet tried Young Living oils, but would really be interested in doing so. :-) Thank you.
  • Haven't tried their oils. I want to win the Orange to use in my home made cleaners. Thanks for the contest.
  • I love essential oil, although I only own two! Lavender and Tea Tree but I have been wanting to try out Tangerine and Grapefruit oil very badly! Hope I win because this comes close to it!
  • I have not used any essential oils yet. I keep hearing a ton of great things from some close friends so I am very interested in learning more. Thanks!
  • I just recently ordered the Starter Kit and I already ran out of Purification, Lavender, and Peach and Calming! Looks like I'll be reordering soon! I don't have any of the other oils that didn't come in the kit, though. i'd love to try Orange!
  • I need to put Orange at the top of my list for my order! I love the smell of citrus! And yes, the Oily groups are SUCH an important factor in using EO successfully and with passion!
  • I have never used these oils, though I have used oils that i bought locally in local health food stores.
  • I have never tried Young Living Essential oils. I have tried one Do Terra oil and loved it. So I would like to try and learn about more essential oils.
  • Hi! I haven't tried their essential oils before but I used to use a couple I bought at a massage clinic. They're really lovely. I haven't even thought about using them in years. I'd like to starting using them again for different things. Thank-you!!
  • I have never tried any of the essential oils .I have heard a lot of good things about them though.
  • I love using essential oils, especially diffusing them, but I have never tried Young Living before demureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com
  • No I haven't. Honestly I've never tried any essential oils before. Its something I've been interested in though. Yes I would like to learn more about it!! Thank you both!!
  • I've heard so many good things about these oils and the benefits so it would be wonderful to try them.
  • I have not tried this brand of essential oils however I am a BIG essential oil fan! I have a nice little collection. I do like the standards Young Living has !
  • I would love to try these oils, especially for body pains. Your class sounds great and I can't wait for it.
  • YES , I would love, love, love to try these! I keep hearing great things about eo use. I'm going to go check out this brand now. -fellow crunchy mom
  • I have never tried young living oils but have tried eucalyptus before and it helps with colds/congestion
  • I learned so much about them from you and the class tonight. I am convinced they are the answer to so many ailments.

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