Why You Need an Eco-Friendly Washer & Dryer #MaytagMoms


I love my brand new washer and dryer. How can I not? I’ve already told you how thankful I am to have a dependable Maytag in my laundry room for years of use, but today I’m going to share with you why every family needs appliances like these.

As an eco-conscious family, we go out of our way to recycle, reuse, be thrifty, and conserve. Do you?

Here is what you need to look for. The Maytag XL Bravo fits them all.

Look for the HE Badge.  A washer must meet certain criteria and guidelines. It must use less water, less energy and less detergent, than the average washer, in order to wear the badge.

For a quick spot check, just peek inside. You won’t find a tall agitator that takes up space in the middle of your washer.

Energy Star. Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, is a program to promote energy efficiency.  The Maytag XL Bravo actually uses 76% less water and 78% less energy. Crazy! It is also a CEE III Tier Level which is the BEST tier an appliance can be on when it comes to efficiency.

Uses Less Detergent. When a washer uses less water, it only makes sense that you would use less detergent. A low-sudsing HE detergent must be used, but that is okay for I now use HALF the amount of detergent I used to!

Here are a few features that make the Maytag XL HE Top Loader so special and class all in its own.

Cold Wash Cycle – Don’t run up your hot water bills. Has the cleaning performance of a warm water wash cycle with the energy savings of cold water.  It is actually a deep clean cold cycle that helps power out tough stains.

Advanced Moisture Sensing for the dryer. This awesome technology was designed to save you money, evenly dry loads and virtually eliminating overdrying and shrinking. Say goodbye to timers! This machine is smart!

Can I tell you how FAST it dries too? Approximately 38 minutes. Even a large load of soaked clothes.

Less Loads Saves Time and Money. The washer is 4.6 cu ft – the largest Maytag you can buy. To get an idea of how big that is, you can place 21 dirty towels inside. The dryer is 7.3 cu ft.

Do you know how many less loads of laundry I now do? I throw a basket of clothes in and I have to go and gather more around the house. I don’t have to tell you how much money I am saving with less loads, not to mention time.

Have you thought about an eco-friendly washer and dryer?

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I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Laundry Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with the Maytag washer and dryer set to facilitate my posts.

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