Why Shop Small Business?


Last week I wrote about Small Business Saturday coming up on November 24th. I talked about why Small Business Saturday is important to me and urged you to go out and shop that day.

Today I want to chat about the benefits of shopping Small Business. Let me start with a couple of stories.

The other day Hubby and I went to a new small restaurant that opened up in town. They advertised healthy, locally grown meals cooked up fresh each day. We walk into this quaint little house with about 10-12 tables. There weren’t any waitresses in uniforms to wait on us, but three mid-aged women floating about carrying trays, chatting with customers, and checking people out. When one arrived at our table she instantly squatted down to get to our eye level and began a conversation as she handed us our menus. She told us to look over them and she’d be back with questions. Well, I had many questions and when she came back she patiently answered them, asked about different things that I liked and didn’t like, and she gave her recommendations. It all took a handful of minutes. When she left, I commented to Hubby about how nice and friendly it was in there. It was so personal with the time she spent with me and made me feel very welcomed. How could I not want to go back to it? Every time I drive by there I notice how full their lot is. Others must feel the same! Have you ever felt that way in a big chain?

Story 2. The best networking is done in Small Business. My chiropractor Hubby latest exercise is Crossfit. I’m not sure he would have ever given it a try if he hadn’t started a friendship with the instructor first. Since both of their businesses are to help people be healthy, they formed a team to promote each other. Hubby sends her people who have been looking for a new, fun way to workout and at the same time she explains how important chiropractic is. They both have met so many new people in town from each other. Look how many they have helped to stay fit and healthy! Small Business owners come together for a greater good and support one another.

I love walking in a Small Business (or shopping online) knowing that I am helping them out. You know my love for Starbucks, but I really do try to visit our local coffee shops more. I want to support them, which means supporting their family, and our community in general. If everything was big and cloned, wouldn’t we lose the sense of community and helping each other out?

Small Business owners WANT to really help you and find what you need. They care.

Shop Small Business Saturday on November 24th. You know I will!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of www.momcentralconsulting.com for American Express. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.



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