Who Needs a Gas Card? Sunoco $50 Giveaway

Gas. Something we have to have in life, but is hard to spend money on because we can’t see it and suddenly we are back at the pump the next week swiping our credit cards again.

Getting a Gas Gift Card is one of my favorite gifts! I don’t get them often enough, but I think they are an awesome idea because it is something we need. Can’t get anywhere without gas right?

A Sunoco Gas Gift Card can be used at any of their stations for gas (duh!), car repairs or even to fill your coffee cup on the way to work.


Here are some people who I thought would love a card for a gift…

College Students so they will want to come home!

A family dealing with sickness and need a little extra help.

A friend who doesn’t live too far away…a great way to say come and visit me.

A single mother that is wondering how the holiday expenses will affect her.

Newlyweds starting off their life.


Wouldn’t it be a heartwarming surprise to receive a Sunoco Gift Card in the mail? Visit their Gas Gift Cards page for more information on how and where you can use the gift card.

Find Sunoco gas stations near you or your loved ones at the Store & Gas Station Locator. They are located in 24 states on the Eastern half of the US.

Who in your life deserves a Gas Gift Card?


WIN a $50 Sunoco Gas Card!


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