Where Does the Weekend Go?

I look forward to the weekend. I don’t have to get up to early to get the boys off to school.  I don’t have lunches to make, a chore I dislike. I get to make my yummy egg tacos for breakfast instead of cold cereal and frozen pancakes.

Our weekends speed by though and by Sunday night I am asking myself Where did that weekend go?

Spring is here and that means even more activities for my family. Saturday morning baseball practice for C’Man, across town, mind you. Hubby doesn’t get off work til mid afternoon which means most of the day is gone if we want to include him. Sunday is saved for church activities til lunchtime, and then usually Hubby goes off to play in his adult league baseball game.

Where do we have time for relaxing? Or to do something fun together?

Today I asked the boys what they wanted to do this weekend and their answers came pouring out. Blackbeard’s Cove, Aquarium, Climb a Rock Wall, Go Fishing. Geez! At least they didn’t tell me they wanted to leave the state to visit Disney or Jungle Island.

I am going to fit all of these things in. One day at a time. Sometimes I wish time would slow down because it all goes by so fast…especially the weekends!

Do you have relaxing weekends or are they usually filled with lots of activities?

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