What is your baby crib like?

Do you have a baby crib you like? Ours has been with us for three kids and I will be sad to see it go one of these days.

It looks much like this DaVinci Kalani with the cherry finish and wider slots. We have a matching dresser/changing table to go with it and a wooded rocker that fits right in.

I was never actually interested in the convertible cribs, just because I knew I would keep having kids and want the bed for the next one. I think they are an awesome idea though. A 4 in 1 bed that starts as a crib, moves to a toddler bed, a day bed, and finally a twin bed. What a cool invention to get years of use out of it!

What kind of crib is in your baby’s room?


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  • We had a used crib that we had for T Rex, out first born. Then our second was born and she either sleeps with us or in her port-a-crib (play-n-pac). So, we ended up getting rid of the crib. I figure if we have a third we'll do the same so why have a crib. T Rex was out of his by 18 months when we jumped out repeatedly. i was worried he would hurt himself. I think the idea of a convertible crib is a good one. But if someone was planning to have more kids and space them closer than 3 or 4 years old, then they would probably have to buy a new crib for each child.
  • We have a baby bed but I don't think I'll worry about us not keeping it. It's natural wood with a beautiful, two tone stripe white comforter, has a simple skirt of solid white and lucky for us it's a king size so it fits all of us comfortably! Yes, we co-slept with all three of our children. My in-laws bought us a crib and changing table which was set up and decorated with a crib set I sewed for our first, a boy, but it really was only used as decoration as he never slept in it...and we didn't even set it up at all with our third. I get the "sad to see something go that meant baby" though. Putting my sling away when our third and probably last was done with it was a journey through memories that were too sweet to never experience again. Here's to nephews, nieces, grandbabies, or maybe another little one here soon! ;) Honey
  • Mine is a convertible and I am very curious to see how it converts and how long it actually lasts. It just seems so small. But as a crib I absolutely LOVE it!
  • We never had to go through picking out a crib - We co-sleep! If we had gotten one, I'd have gone with a convertible. For just a little more money in the beginning, you're saving yourself a ton of money later on, when your child is ready for a bed. And most of these cribs can be turned into twin beds, meaning that thing can be used up until your child moves out (or they can even take it with them!)
  • Ours is a convertible very much like the picture only ours has the changing table attached to the right side. Our little guy has bite marks on it though so it's going to look horrible for the next baby! :(

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