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What is Crunchy?

What is crunchy? I’ve gotten this question a ton since I began this blog. I was pleasantly surprised to find a great definition from the online Urban Dictionary. 

 An adjective describing persons or things relating to any or all of the following: vegetarianism; herbs; all-natural and organic products (such as food, skin and hair care products, etc.); recycling; protecting and preserving the environment; natural medicine; etc. People that are earthy-crunchy are sometimes called tree-huggers or hippies.


And Crunchy Mama is defined:

Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. One who questions established medical authority; tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods.

If you would have told me in high school that I would become a “hippie” I would have laughed in your face! In fact it took me until my third child to become this way and I still don’t consider myself all the way there. I am excited to explore all the ways to be crunchy through this blog!

Are you a Crunchy Mama? If so, would you like to be featured on this blog?


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  • I love your "crunchy" I live in Washington state right next to Evergreen State if you are talking crunchy, that is where you will find them. I give you kudo's on living green. I am about 25% green or!Thanks for stopping by today...I am your newest follower! :)
  • Very cool post - I never really considered myself crunchy (I like McDonald's! ew, I know, gross right?) ... but I do fit a large part of your description, so I guess I'm probably 75% crunchy! :) I just don't co-sleep and I'm not a 100% attachment parent (again, probably like 75%!) I would LOVE to be able to eat all organice but it's sooo expensive here in New England and sometimes I just like the way all that 'bad' food tastes! :) ahhhh! Maybe you can write some posts on how moms can transition from NOT organic to all/mostly organic! Right now we just do organic veggies/fruits when we can... sometimes organic milk & eggs and meat. But otherwise, it's a crap shoot! :)
  • I'm crunchy! :D I didn't know it before joining diaperswappers, tho! lol and actually I didn't know about a lot of the crunchy options until DS, I've changed a lot in the last couple years! :) my newest and greatest, most devoted crunchy aspect is hair care, though :) and yes!! I'd love to be featured on your blog! :D lol it you were interested! Or we could do a post swap, etc.

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