What is Crossfit?

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What is crossfit is a campaign I participated in on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

What is Crossfit

I was chatting with my son’s teacher at the beginning of this year and telling her how my husband wants me to go to Crossfit with him. A look of horror crosses her face and she says ‘oh no! I’ve seen them push huge tires over there!’. Her reaction made me smile because I felt the same way. Crossfit was scary!

What is Crossfit?

According to Wikipedia, it advocates a mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting. CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement”

Basically it’s a mix of a lot of things.

When you walk into a Box, as they call their gym, you will see actual boxes to jump on, medicine balls to carry, jump ropes to double under with, bars to pull up on, and lots of weights. It can be very intimidating, but I’ll tell you why it works and how come so many people across the country have become addicted.

What is Crossfit

Crossfit’s goal is for you to achieve your top fitness level. Since you are constantly doing something new with each WOD, or WorkOut of Day, your body has to teach itself to adjust. You will learn about muscles you never even knew you had. One of our friends always says, “if you don’t wake up sore the next morning then you did something wrong.” ha!

While I still have knots in my stomach when I go to a class sometimes from nerves, I leave the Box thinking that was fun! (as sweat drips down my back). I like how it never bores me. I like doing five different exercises at the same time. I like running through the trails nearby then coming in to lift weights and jump on boxes, then heading back out again to roll those tires.

As a mom to a three year old whom I’m home all day with, it does get hard for me to attend class so I have learned to do routines at home too. Anyone can start! The best part is one day you’ll realize, Wow I am getting strong! It does amazing things to your body.

What is Crossfit

With any type of fitness you need good shoes. I recently picked up a pair of Reebok SmoothFlex athletic shoes from Famous Footwear. I needed a pair that I could run, jump, and do a variety of different activities without hurting. I have sensitive feet and get blisters and pain easily.

Not only are the bright colors great, but I love the REALFLEX technology that lets me curve and bend any which way I want. Lots of cushion protects my feet and the support is awesome. I have walked, ran, and done a Crossfit routine in my new shoes and haven’t felt an ache at all. And they fit very true to size which is important to know when ordering online. Happy!


Love how my kids like to stay active too. His new Reeboks are perfect for him and he can’t wait to wear them to school!

Did that help answer your question – What is Crossfit?

Are you ready to give it a shot?

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