What I’m Learning as a #ShakleeBlogger

Short and sweet this month as I share with you 3 things that I am learning from Shaklee besides losing weight.

Exercising. Hubby hulls me with him to his Crossfit class and I am going! This week was actually a busy week and I did not get there, but I still did the workout at home or went for a nice walk as the weather has been beautiful. What I have learned is that I CAN do it. I AM getting stronger!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. When 2 meals a day are already decided for me, how much easier can it get? Actually, I do make some yummy choices when it comes to my shakes. Check out my first vlog when I chat about that. Also, when I choose to use the Paleo eMeals I don’t have any decisions about food in a week. Yes! Menu planning is a weekly task I dread.

That I can be motivated! Check out my last month’s post on Motivation. I am finally motivated to lose the weight that I have taken years to put on!

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This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program.  I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating in the Shaklee Corporation blogger program. My opinions are my own.  I am also a Shaklee Independent Distributor.

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