What Have I Learned About Kids and Stains?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Maytag. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


A new school year has started which means my challenge for keeping clothes stain free continues once again. What have I learned so far?

1) Do not buy white. Some of our school uniform shirts are white though which leads me to number two.

2) Don’t pack messy lunches like pasta on days white is worn. Never fails that O’Bear comes home with red drips down his shirt.

3) When clothes do come home with stains, they need to be worked on right away and thrown in the wash.

4) Baseball pants are a never ending battle and will always be full of ugly looking stains. Am I right? Please mamas if you have some tips here let me know!

IMG_2870.JPG (2)
The Maytag has been part of our family for a year now and we hardly let her rest. Every time I stick in a load I am thankful for how big she is. It not only minimizes the amount of loads I do but the time. Time. I need time for more things this time of year – homework problems, church groups, baseball practice. I made myself an hourly schedule this school year and let me tell you that there is not enough hours in the day! Especially for laundry!


Some of my favorite helpful features.

Rapid Wash ~ for when that pasta shirt comes home. I need to wash the shirt by itself asap. Small load and fast!

Power Wash ~ definitely for those dirt filled baseball pants. eeewwww!

Wrinkle Prevent or even my Steam Cycle Auto Refresh ~ I don’t have Time to run to the dryer right away when it buzzes. This feature helps me wait a bit, but keep wrinkles away.

Damp Dry Signal ~ I like to be notified to take certain clothes out early to hang up. The rest of the load can dry until done.


Definitely a time saver and stain fighter! I am SO thankful for my dependable Maytag. All year long!

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What have you learned about stains and kids? 🙂

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