What could you use at Kids Foot Locker?


Did you know that Kids Foot Locker has lots of great Back to School items? Not just shoes!

After the first day of middle school last week C’Man comes home with a serious face. ‘Mom, I have to change in front of everyone for PE.’ A smile crossed my face because I totally remember being in sixth grade and being worried about the same thing!

I told him that it was perfectly normal and we started discussing the clothes he could bring along with him for class.

Kids Foot Locker

At Kids Foot Locker you’ll find shorts, t-shirts, socks, shoes, hats, hoodies, and even backpacks. Famous brands that you are familiar with and love ~ Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, and Jordan. ahhhh Jordan. I used to be a big Bulls fan when they were at the top of their game and love still seeing his name.

Also find Professional Sports Appeal. Are you an NFL or MLB fan?

C’Man be wearing those Nike Prestige IV shoes for sure.  They have an Air heel unit for cushioning and I think are perfect for sports or as an everyday sneaker. They are very boy and will keep him comfy as he sits in class or runs around the gym floor.

Did you know that the high top look is very In? You’ll find all kinds of styles at Kids Foot Locker. Something for every picky child (and parent!) out there.

Tell me, what could you use at Kids Foot Locker for this school year?

I received those shoes free for this post and all opinions are definitely my own.


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