We’ve Started Our Preschool HomeSchool


My older boys went to preschool starting at age three. They went two mornings a week and had a fabulous time. I didn’t plan on doing anything different with P’Diddy. That was until I started researching preschool in my new(er) town and considered preschool homeschool.

First, the expense. Wow prices were double here. Second, I couldn’t find two mornings a week. I don’t know if this is just my area or if times have changed, but preschools for three year olds are now three days a week. We weren’t quite ready for that.

The idea of doing home school activities with him started crossing our mind and after much discussion this is the road we took.

This is our third week in and he loooooooooooooooves it. He wakes up excited to go to school, has his dad walk him in his classroom before he leaves for work, has a mini tantrum when I say we’re done for the morning, and even calls me Teacher when we are in that mode.

I am loving it too.

We start off our hour by talking about the weather. He peers out the window and tells me about the day.


Our weather calendar from Etsy’s Felterrifc is one of the cutest things I’ve ever bought. He’s dying for it to rain so he can use the rain drops!

Then we proceed to a simple worksheet from a set I bought from Rod & Staff books. One worksheet a day will get us through the year. I say simple, but I have come to realize that I have to teach him how to draw a straight line. And an X? Wow that took us a while to practice. Don’t these things come naturally to kids? 🙂

The bulk for my curriculum is reading. Sonlight Christian Homeschool has a huge list of books that are appropriate to read at this age. There are very short and easy ideas you can do with each book, but I’ve been extending the list and making it even more fun with cooking, crafts, games and other three old activities that have to do with the book of the day.

I hope to share more of these projects with you as the school year goes on!

Three days a week are spent doing the above and the fourth day is Bible Story Day. Daddy usually gets to help be the Teacher as it falls on his day off. Lucky us!


I shared this picture with you last week in a post, but I love it. After reading about Creation, we took a walk around the block to see all of God’s Earth and everything he made. The conversations we had with a three year old were priceless.

We end the hour with him choosing a sticker to put on our calendar. Many times he doesn’t want to put his sticker on because he knows it is the end of our school session. He can’t wait for tomorrow!


Do you or did you preschool at home? I have to decide again in just a few short months if I’ll send him out next year or stay home again before Kindergarten.

Edited to add: Visit all of our preschool homeschool posts that we’ve complied this year – Crafts, Bible Stories, Food ideas. So much fun we are having!

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