Welch’s #sharewhatsgood Photo Contest

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Welch’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


It’s 6:30 in the evening and one of the best parts of the day. Hubby walks in the door and dinner is served. The whole family is together for the first time that day.

We start with a prayer and though P’Diddy wishes he could say it every night, we take turns depending on the day of the week.

Then it’s time to chow down!


The kids like it when I get them involved ~ getting drinks for everyone or serving the plates like a waiter does or best of all, the nights they get to dish it out themselves and choose their toppings.

When everyone is seated we go around the table and each tell about our day.

This is what the dinner hour is all about and Welch’s understands these important moments.  They recently launched a movement called Share What’s Good. It’s all about sharing those special moments that occur each day with family, friends and loved ones – whether it’s at home or on the go.


To help spread the word of this campaign, a Share Your Moments Photo Contest has been started. From now until October 25th you may upload a photo of your favorite family moment for a chance to win $5,000!

Visit ShareWhatsGood.com to enter.

You may also post your photos to Twitter and Instagram using the #sharewhatsgood hashtag! Fun!

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What is one of your Good Moments?

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